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I have SO many amazing memories with Amber and Kevin's destination wedding in Charleston, SC. It all started when I first met them at my studio and Amber literally said that aside from getting married she was most looking forward to hanging out with ME all day!!! I was SO incredibly flattered.... and a little nervous! HAHA! I hope I live up to her expectations!!! :D
The day of the wedding was amazing. We shot all over the adorbably quaint town of Charleston. Their "first look" was at the Pineapple Fountain, then we drove for hours all over town to capture the charm of this wonderful southern city! We went to Rainbow Row, City Market, found lots of cute alleys and cobblestone streets! Their intimate wedding was in White Point Gardens/Battery Park and their gorgeous reception was at Upstairs @ Midtown!
One of my favorite moments was during the groom's speech and after thanking everyone he even mentioned me! "Pam was able to move the entire city of Charleston two feet to the left to get the perfect light for us" And after the wedding, Amber wrote to me, "No one works harder for you than your photographer and mine moved the city, just for me!! We love u Pam. Thank you!!!"
When I left the reception I gave them a hug while they were on the dance floor and in front of all of her guests Amber threw her arms up in the air and squealed "I'm a Paris Mountain Bride!!!!!" And everyone cheered and danced!!!! It was literally the most amazing wedding moment for me EVER!!!!
Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from their wedding!