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Some would say that I specialize in shooting weddings but in reality I shoot more family portraits than weddings every year! I especially love it when my wedding couples come back to me year after year for their family portraits! I'm so blessed to get to meet and work with some of the best people around. I've traveled across the country to shoot some sessions and love shooting destination family portrait sessions! My favorite thing is to see those kiddoes grow year after year and I get to take part in capturing those memories for the rest of their lives! Yeah, it makes me feel kinda important! :D

Some tips about wardrobe: Avoid loud colors and patterns - and the color red. Muted colors and small designs are the best so your clothes aren’t a distraction. Layers and textures really look great. A blouse with ruffles, lace or a scarf, and big jewelry always looks fabulous. A guy always looks good with layers and relaxed. If you don't normally wear a suit and tie, it might not be the best time to start! And be natural. If you don’t usually tuck in your shirt and wear khakis’, wear your shirt un-tucked with jeans! It’s important to be yourself, but be your BEST self.

Makeup and hair is one of the things that really make a girl stand out in a session. First of all, it’s always fun to play dress up! :D When do you get a chance to look and feel like a model? Take advantage of the opportunity to get glammed up for your session. Again, be yourself, but be your BEST self. A professional makeup artist is going to highlight your best attributes so they come across on camera beautifully! They know the curves, angles, and highlights in your face to really make them pop.Hands down, good makeup and hair is really going to make you look like a movie star for your session!

The Last important rule for your session is to be yourself and be comfortable. If you are comfortable with each other the photos are going to show that. Try to forget about the little black box clicking away at you. Giggle, smile, and laugh! That’s going to bring out who you really are for the camera. A good photographer will get some traditional and posed photos, but the moments when you are laughing are the ones that make the very best photos!