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Photography Business Workshop

Starting a photography business can be scary!  Most successful photographers had to start somewhere.  Instead of figuring it out on your own, we are offering 10 classes to help you start your small business step by step.  Let us hold your hand through the process and help you start your successful photography business!  

Each 45 minute zoom class goes into detail with real life examples and photos.  There will be a Q + A available at the end of each class. 

Sign up today for the complete photography workshop!  


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Amateur Photography Workshop

Thanks SO much for your interest in my PMP Amateur Photography class! I’m super excited about it because I just love teaching!!! This class is geared for people who are not professionals who just want to learn how to use their Nikon or Cannon DSLR cameras better.  This is a full day workshop and will cover how to use your camera in manual mode, exposure triangle, basic lighting, basic posing, a mini photo session and includes lunch!  There will be lots of time for questions, practice and hands on help. 


The class fee is due up front to reserve your seat and is non-refundable.  You can “sell” your seat to a friend if you are unable to come.  Spaces are first come first serve, so reserve/pay for your seats ASAP  to ensure your space.  Thanks SO much for your interest in the class and we’re going to have tons of fun!!! :D 


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" To future students or those considering taking a class I say just do it!  You will not regret it. Pam is approachable, funny, and amazingly gifted not only as a photographer but also as a teacher.  There were students of all abilities and though I knew not a soul there I felt welcomed and never felt rushed or left behind.  Pam’s daughter Hannah is an able assistant and has quite the witty sense of humor herself.  I found both to be delightful and engaging. The opportunity to shoot live models after lunch was a great way to utilize the knowledge we had gained and to figure out in what areas we needed to focus going forward.  Some brief editing examples of student work rounded out the afternoon.  I would be remiss if I did not mention the fabulous lunch, snacks, and drinks provided which were abundant and delicious.  No matter what your abilities or ambitions you can take this class with the confidence that you will come away a better photographer and with the tools to continue that journey when you leave.  It was an absolutely great way to spend the day. "  - Kathy Graham

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