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North Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer | Allatoona High School Senior Pictures | Cobb

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I love everything about Skylar's senior portrait session. She insisted that she wanted an industrial look AND a waterfall. So we did everything we could to make that happen for her and they turned out so amazing!!!!!  Her hair and makeup was perfect and her outfits looked so great!  I can't think of anything that could have made her session any better!!!  Congrats Skylar! Class of 2021!

Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-45Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-3Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-58Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-58 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-8Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-2Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-56Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-56 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-13Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-14Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-53Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-53 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-55Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-15Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-6Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-6 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-51Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-51 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-50Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-50 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-39Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-38Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-34Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-42Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-47Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-31Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-37Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-26Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-26 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-23Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-11Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-30Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-30 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-22Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-22 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-18Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-21Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-10Allatoona High School Senior Portrait Photographer-10

Douglasville Dance Photographer | Atlanta Senior Portraits | Dance Pictures

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Maddy's senior portraits were pretty much epic!  The locations, outfits, hair and makeup.... everything!!  It all came together so perfectly!  At the viewing appointment I overheard her dad said, " They're all so good.  If you only saw one of them you'd think it was the best one. But then there's so many more!"  I'm so excited they love her photos as much as I do!!! 

Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-11Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-20Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-31Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-38Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-43Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-58Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-58 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-63Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-63 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-9Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-28Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-41Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-51Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-51 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-59Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-59 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-6Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-6 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-16Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-16 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-30Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-30 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-39Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-57Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-17Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-25Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-35Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-42Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-54Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-54 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-62Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-62 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-18Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-8Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-1Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-48Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-48 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-53Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-53 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-29Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-14Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-2Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-26Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-26 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-32Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-37Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-46Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-60Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-60 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-45Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-5Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-36Atlant Dance Senior Portrait Photographer-36

Cloudland Canyon Wedding | Elopement | Georgia Wedding Photographer

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When you get married at Cloudland Canyon you're going to get just that!!  There was no lack of clouds on Alex and Josh's wedding day!!  When the ceremony began the sky opened up and the rain came down.  But it didn't just rain on their wedding day, it SPARKLED!!!  They took it with stride and they were blessed with a glorious double rainbow when they had their first kiss!! That's never happened!!!  I love their photos. Even with the fog rolling in and the sparkly rain, their wedding was delightful!!! 

Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-31Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-31 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-29Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-29 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-1Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-1 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-4Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-4 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-5Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-5 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-7Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-7 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-8Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-8 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-9Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-9 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-13Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-13 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-14Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-14 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-17Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-17 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-16Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-16 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-11Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-11 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-19Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-19 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-20Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-20 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-23Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-23 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-24Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-24 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-26Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-26 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-30Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-30 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-27Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-27 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-35Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-35 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-40Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-40 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-44Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-44 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-41Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-41 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-38Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-38 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-46Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-46 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-49Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-49 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-47Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-47 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-51Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-51 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-56Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-56 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-62Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-62 Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-57Cloudland Canyon Wedding Elope Photographer-57

My Gereration Magazine | Teen Magazine | Photography | Atlanta Model

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I'm so excited to announce the 2021 issue of My Generation Magazine!!!  My Generation magazine is a non-profit publication to recognize teens who excel in their community. We celebrate teens  who are actively involved in community service, leaders in their school, high achievers and those who are positive role models to other teens!  We select approximately 20 local teens to be in the each issue.  Selected teens will submit and article and get their photo taken for their feature. Gracie made the cover this year and all of these teens are amazing!!!

To order your copy of My Generation Magazine please CLICK HERE!!!

My Gen 2021  0My Gen 2021 0

Atlanta Engagement Session Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photo

April 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Engagement sessions are a great way to get acquainted with the photographer before the long wedding day!  I especially love getting to know the groom and let him know that picture taking time isn't THAT bad!  Lucky for me Will is the groom at this engagement session. I got to shoot his senior portraits a few years ago, so when Lexy told me they were getting married I was SOOO excited to get to see him again!!!  No need to butter him up!  Will already knows I'm goofy and a teeny tiny bit of a spaz!  Their wedding is going to be perfect!!!

Rockmart Wedding Photographer-36Rockmart Wedding Photographer-36 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-34Rockmart Wedding Photographer-34 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-21Rockmart Wedding Photographer-21 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-12Rockmart Wedding Photographer-12 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-17Rockmart Wedding Photographer-17 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-5Rockmart Wedding Photographer-5 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-10Rockmart Wedding Photographer-10 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-24Rockmart Wedding Photographer-24 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-27Rockmart Wedding Photographer-27 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-3Rockmart Wedding Photographer-3 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-20Rockmart Wedding Photographer-20 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-1Rockmart Wedding Photographer-1 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-8Rockmart Wedding Photographer-8 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-28Rockmart Wedding Photographer-28 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-32Rockmart Wedding Photographer-32 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-29Rockmart Wedding Photographer-29 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-39Rockmart Wedding Photographer-39