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Rockmart Engagment Session Photographer | Atlanta Luxury Wedding Photographer

December 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Poor Brittany broke her foot before the wedding and we weren't able to take their engagement session photos. But luckily she healed quickly and was still able to walk down the isle!!  We decided to do a newlywed couple's session after their wedding so they still get some cool "engagement" photos!! :D

Rockmart Engagement Photographer-33Rockmart Engagement Photographer-33 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-12Rockmart Engagement Photographer-12 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-8Rockmart Engagement Photographer-8 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-15Rockmart Engagement Photographer-15 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-4Rockmart Engagement Photographer-4 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-1Rockmart Engagement Photographer-1 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-3Rockmart Engagement Photographer-3 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-21Rockmart Engagement Photographer-21 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-23Rockmart Engagement Photographer-23 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-35Rockmart Engagement Photographer-35 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-10Rockmart Engagement Photographer-10 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-28Rockmart Engagement Photographer-28 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-25Rockmart Engagement Photographer-25 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-19Rockmart Engagement Photographer-19 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-29Rockmart Engagement Photographer-29 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-16Rockmart Engagement Photographer-16

Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer

December 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I've known Brayden since he was a little boy.  He was always sweet, loving and helpful!!  I just can't believe that he's a senior in high school now!!  Since I've shot their family photos over the last decade and all of his siblings' senior portraits, it's finally Brayden's turn!!  As always, he was so easy going and sweet! It's bitter sweet to see little Brady all grown up!!  And makes me feel REALLY old!

Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-6Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-6 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-4Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-4 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-3Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-13Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-2Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-10Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-10 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-12Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-12 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-9Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-1Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-8Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-8

Acworth Family Portrait Photographer | Cobb County | Bentwater

December 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes getting the best shot takes a little bit of work... and slushing through marshy weeds that takes days to get off your sweater!  Do I sound too specific?  HAHA!  I really wanted that shot of the Smith family on the dock over the water at Lake Acworth but it meant I had to sacrifice my sweater that attracted every sticky weed in the state of GA! :D But it was totally worth it!!  We love their family photos and I'm so excited to work with them again for Senior Portraits soon! :D

Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-15Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-15 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-30Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-30 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-3Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-3 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-5Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-5 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-28Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-28 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-12Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-12 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-16Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-16 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-23Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-23 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-34Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-34 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-32Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-32 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-26Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-26 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-24Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-24 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-9Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-9 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-37Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-37 Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-18Acworth Family Portrait Photographer-18

Senior Portraits | Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer

November 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Senior portrait season is coming to an end and I'm so glad I got to work with Maci!  Here's some of my favorites from her session! :D 


Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer | Fall mini sessions

November 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I love working with families like this who I've gotten the opportunity to know over many years! I get to see the families grow and the children grow up!  And even a cute puppy sometimes!! :D  These fall mini sessions turned out wonderful! :D

BE-10BE-10 BE-8BE-8 BE-6BE-6 BE-13BE-13 BE-21BE-21 BE-18BE-18 BE-14BE-14 BE-22BE-22 KD-11KD-11 KD-12KD-12 KD-13KD-13 KD-14KD-14 KD-15KD-15 KD-1KD-1 KD-2KD-2 TC-19TC-19 TC-2TC-2 TC-11TC-11 TC-1TC-1 TC-21TC-21