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The Queen's Gambit | Styled Photoshoot | Netflix inspiration shoot | Chess Photography

January 11, 2022  •  1 Comment

My daughter just taught me how to play chess last year.  Although I'm not very good at it, I can appreciate the strategy and competitive nature of the game.  When The Queen's Gambit Netflix series came on I absolutely binge watched it and loved the story and costumes.  Fast forward to this year when a girl whom I've shot family photos before was at church and I noticed how she looked just like Anya Taylor-Joy the star of the show!  Jacqueline is only 10 but I thought she would be the perfect model for a Queen's Gambit chess inspired photo shoot.   I quickly made some calls and put it together literally in hours!! I'm SO thrilled how the photos turned out! 

Photography: Paris Mountain Photography

Style Assist:  Hannah Jones

Hair and Makeup: Nisha with A Glamour Affair

Location: James and Liz Kelly's home

Wardrobe : Shanny Robinson

Model: Jacqueline Robinson

Queens Gambit side by sideQueens Gambit side by side

  The Queens Gambit-5The Queens Gambit-5 The Queens Gambit-13The Queens Gambit-13 The Queens Gambit-10The Queens Gambit-10 The Queens Gambit-18The Queens Gambit-18 The Queens Gambit-23The Queens Gambit-23 The Queens Gambit-33The Queens Gambit-33 The Queens Gambit-36The Queens Gambit-36 The Queens Gambit-4The Queens Gambit-4 The Queens Gambit-8The Queens Gambit-8 The Queens Gambit-16The Queens Gambit-16 The Queens Gambit-28The Queens Gambit-28 The Queens Gambit-35The Queens Gambit-35 The Queens Gambit-21The Queens Gambit-21 The Queens Gambit-25The Queens Gambit-25 The Queens Gambit-31The Queens Gambit-31

Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer | Pictures

January 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've had so much fun working with the Lundy family this year for senior portraits and more!  They are the sweetest family and I'm sad that graduation will come this year and our time together will come to an end. I can only hope that they will come back each year  for an updated family portrait and maybe a wedding someday!! HAHA! 

Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-15Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-15 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-11Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-11 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-13Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-13 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-27Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-27 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-20Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-20 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-5Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-5 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-18Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-18 Cedartown Family  Portrait Photographer Darlington-25Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer Darlington-25

Paulding County Georgia Family Portrait Photographer | Dallas Georgia Family pictures

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Family portraits are so important to me.  So many families procrastinate and forget how important it is to capture your portraits often.  Think about the photos you look at of your parents and grandparents. First of all, they are printed.  Not on a computer hard drive or on a phone. They are printed so no matter how technology changes they will last so future generations can enjoy them.  Secondly, it is so wonderful to look back at family, especially lost loved ones, and see them when they were young.  Family photos should be a priority. Update them each year and don't make excuses about time, weight loss, or any other reason to put it off.  Families change so quickly and it's our responsibility to our children and grandchildren to keep a history of their ancestors.  

I'm so thrilled that the Robinsons did just that.  They got together three generations of their family to keep their memories alive! 

Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-1Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-1 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-34Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-34 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-35Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-35 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-13Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-13 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-24Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-24 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-16Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-16 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-48Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-48 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-49Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-49 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-51Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-51 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-57Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-57 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-56Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-56 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-61Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-61 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-41Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-41 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-44Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-44 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-39Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-39 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-65Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-65 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-64Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-64

Class of 2023 | Attention Juniors | Senior Portraits Start NOW!

January 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Join Team 23 and see what everyone has been talking about!!!  Come to the open house to get a free head shot, discounts and swag!!  See you soon! :D 

Open House Home for Sale Real Estate Flyer New ListingOpen House Home for Sale Real Estate Flyer New Listing

Happy New Year! | Dr. Strange Portal | Welcome 2022 | Marvel | Avengers

December 31, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We're entering into the year 2022!  Happy New Year!!!

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