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Cobb County Family Portrait Photographer | Marietta Photographer | Fur Baby

May 28, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

I just loved taking photos of Trina and Soctt's fur babies!! They are so cute and even smiled for the camera!! I'm so glad I've been able to work with them over so many years!!!

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Paulding County Family Portrait Session | Atlanta Photographer

May 27, 2024  •  1 Comment

Working with Rachel and her family for over 15 years is such an honor!  Paris Mountain Photography has been through so many changes and upgrades so when she comes back year after year it makes me so happy! :D I love her family and those cute babies aren't babies anymore!!!  their family is lovely and I hope I can take their photos for another 15 years!!!

RY-8RY-8 RY-14RY-14 RY-16RY-16 RY-18RY-18 RY-20RY-20 RY-21RY-21 RY-22RY-22 RY-26RY-26 RY-31RY-31 RY-36RY-36 RY-33RY-33 RY-42RY-42 RY-6RY-6 RY-5RY-5

Hannah and Hayden's Indigo Falls Wedding

May 23, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Hannah and Hayden's Wedding Day was a dream! I had been eying the forecast for a week prior to the wedding, and it was supposed to rain...hard! But a miracle happened and by the time I got to the venue, the sky was clear and blue! It was the perfect weather for a wedding (although a bit soupy outside haha) There's something magical about weddings that defy the odds. As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every beautiful moment, turning what was supposed to be a soggy day into a beautiful celebration of love!

Hannah also wins the "Bride with the Best Hair" award! It stayed beautiful the whole night! Hannah and Hayden's wedding is a beautiful reminder that even when things don't go as planned, they can turn out even better than imagined. The joy, the love, and the unexpected sunshine made their wedding day an unforgettable experience. Here’s to Hannah and Hayden—may their lives together be as bright and beautiful as their wedding day turned out to be. I am so excited to share their sneak peek! 

To see more of Hannah and Hayden click HERE!

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Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer | Dallas, GA family photos

May 16, 2024  •  2 Comments

I've been taking the Osmer family photos for at least 8 years!  Senior portraits, family portraits and weddings! I love working with their family and I'm a little sad that their youngest graduates this year and we won't have an excuse to see each other as much.  I'm hoping for new babies, family photos and weddings in our future together!! 

Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-27Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-27 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-19Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-19 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-43Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-43 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-64Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-64 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-53Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-53 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-48Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-48 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-51Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-51 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-49Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-49 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-55Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-55 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-5Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-5 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-9Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-9 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-7Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-7 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-15Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-15 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-18Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-18 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-23Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-23 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-25Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-25 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-1Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-1 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-35Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-35 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-45Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-45 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-58Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-58 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-59Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-59 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-61Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-61 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-41Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-41 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-40Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-40 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-37Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-37 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-30Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-30 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-22Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-22 Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-13Paulding County Family Portrait Photogrrapher-13

Team 25 | Powder Paint Bonus Shoot | Class of 2025

May 06, 2024  •  5 Comments

Team 25 came to PMP Studio for a super fun team building photoshoot!  We went ham with all the colors!!!  Not only did the photos turn out amazing, but we had such a blast!!!

PowderPaintTeam25-2PowderPaintTeam25-2 PowderPaintTeam25-21PowderPaintTeam25-21 PowderPaintTeam25-25PowderPaintTeam25-25 PowderPaintTeam25-51bPowderPaintTeam25-51b PowderPaintTeam25-51PowderPaintTeam25-51 PowderPaintTeam25-62PowderPaintTeam25-62 PowderPaintTeam25-61PowderPaintTeam25-61 PowderPaintTeam25-64PowderPaintTeam25-64 PowderPaintTeam25-63PowderPaintTeam25-63 PowderPaintTeam25-70PowderPaintTeam25-70 PowderPaintTeam25-68PowderPaintTeam25-68 PowderPaintTeam25-65PowderPaintTeam25-65 PowderPaintTeam25-67PowderPaintTeam25-67 PowderPaintTeam25-60PowderPaintTeam25-60 PowderPaintTeam25-56PowderPaintTeam25-56 PowderPaintTeam25-59PowderPaintTeam25-59 PowderPaintTeam25-54PowderPaintTeam25-54 PowderPaintTeam25-58PowderPaintTeam25-58 PowderPaintTeam25-49PowderPaintTeam25-49 PowderPaintTeam25-48PowderPaintTeam25-48 PowderPaintTeam25-46PowderPaintTeam25-46 PowderPaintTeam25-45PowderPaintTeam25-45 PowderPaintTeam25-43PowderPaintTeam25-43 PowderPaintTeam25-42PowderPaintTeam25-42 PowderPaintTeam25-39PowderPaintTeam25-39 PowderPaintTeam25-38PowderPaintTeam25-38 PowderPaintTeam25-37PowderPaintTeam25-37 PowderPaintTeam25-36PowderPaintTeam25-36 PowderPaintTeam25-34PowderPaintTeam25-34 PowderPaintTeam25-33PowderPaintTeam25-33 PowderPaintTeam25-32PowderPaintTeam25-32 PowderPaintTeam25-31PowderPaintTeam25-31 PowderPaintTeam25-30PowderPaintTeam25-30 PowderPaintTeam25-29PowderPaintTeam25-29 PowderPaintTeam25-28PowderPaintTeam25-28 PowderPaintTeam25-27PowderPaintTeam25-27 PowderPaintTeam25-22PowderPaintTeam25-22 PowderPaintTeam25-23PowderPaintTeam25-23 PowderPaintTeam25-20PowderPaintTeam25-20 PowderPaintTeam25-16PowderPaintTeam25-16 PowderPaintTeam25-24PowderPaintTeam25-24 PowderPaintTeam25-18PowderPaintTeam25-18 PowderPaintTeam25-13PowderPaintTeam25-13 PowderPaintTeam25-14PowderPaintTeam25-14 PowderPaintTeam25-15PowderPaintTeam25-15 PowderPaintTeam25-12PowderPaintTeam25-12 PowderPaintTeam25-7PowderPaintTeam25-7 PowderPaintTeam25-9PowderPaintTeam25-9 PowderPaintTeam25-11PowderPaintTeam25-11 PowderPaintTeam25-3PowderPaintTeam25-3 PowderPaintTeam25-4PowderPaintTeam25-4 PowderPaintTeam25-5PowderPaintTeam25-5 PowderPaintTeam25-6PowderPaintTeam25-6

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