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Dallas GA family portrait photographer | Paulding County Family Portraits

November 30, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Meeting and working with the Andersons has been such a pleasure from the very beginning.  We started by planning Darby's senior portrait session. Then I got to meet the whole family when we met for their family portrait session a couple of weeks ago!  Each and every one of them were so lovely and sweet! I can't wait to get to see them again when we shoot Darby's pics! :D

Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-42Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-42 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-1Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-1 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-16Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-16 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-9Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-9 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-56Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-56 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-45Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-45 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-39Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-39 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-37Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-37 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-27Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-27 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-25Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-25 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-33Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-33 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-43Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-43 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-31Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-31 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-20Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-20 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-35Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-35 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-53Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-53 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-51Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-51 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-6Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-6 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-14Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-14 Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-11Paulding County Family Portraits Photographer-11

Hightower Falls wedding photographer | Cedartown weddings | Rockmart Photographer

November 29, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Stephanie, Bryce and I hit it off immediately when we met! Their energy was contagious and we had the best time!  Then we really connected when we shot their engagement session in Atlanta.  So when the wedding rolled around it was like catching up with old friends. Their wedding day went smoothly and it was a gorgeous day!  Congrats!


To see more of Stephanie and Bryce's wedding photos, please CLICK HERE!!!

Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-2Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-2 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-7Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-7 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-12Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-12 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-13Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-13 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-14Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-14 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-18Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-18 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-27Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-27 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-28Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-28 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-19Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-19 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-35Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-35Paris Mountain Photography Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-37Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-37 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-47Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-47 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-46Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-46 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-54Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-54 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-59Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-59 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-63Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-63 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-66Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-66 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-71Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-71 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-83Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-83 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-81Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-81 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-88Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-88 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-96Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-96 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-114Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-114 Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-116Hightower Falls Wedding Photographer-116

Fitness Senior Portraits | Paulding County High School Photographer | Crunch Fitness

November 22, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Most boys aren't thrilled with senior portraits and are usually doing it to make mom happy.  So, when Gavin came in and mentioned all of the things he wanted to include in his senior portrait session, I was thrilled!  He's super passionate about fitness and his job at the gym, so what better place to start his session! I love how his photos turned out!

East Paulding County Senior Photographer-20East Paulding County Senior Photographer-20 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-5East Paulding County Senior Photographer-5 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-4East Paulding County Senior Photographer-4 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-13East Paulding County Senior Photographer-13 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-7East Paulding County Senior Photographer-7 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-14East Paulding County Senior Photographer-14 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-23East Paulding County Senior Photographer-23 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-27East Paulding County Senior Photographer-27 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-29East Paulding County Senior Photographer-29 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-50East Paulding County Senior Photographer-50 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-32East Paulding County Senior Photographer-32 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-61East Paulding County Senior Photographer-61 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-58East Paulding County Senior Photographer-58 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-46East Paulding County Senior Photographer-46 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-43East Paulding County Senior Photographer-43 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-17East Paulding County Senior Photographer-17 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-82East Paulding County Senior Photographer-82 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-78East Paulding County Senior Photographer-78 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-87East Paulding County Senior Photographer-87 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-75East Paulding County Senior Photographer-75 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-66East Paulding County Senior Photographer-66 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-65East Paulding County Senior Photographer-65 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-81East Paulding County Senior Photographer-81 East Paulding County Senior Photographer-38East Paulding County Senior Photographer-38

Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Welding | Sniper

November 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I love showing off seniors' special skills and hobbies.  I literally have a package called the "hobby session."  High School seniors always have the coolest skills and interests and photographing them is so much fun for me! I love the variety and the challenge!!  Trent loves welding and working in the shop, so his senior portrait session started there. Then we went on to shoot some fishing, hunting and sniper shooting photos as well! It was such a fun session!! Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-22Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-22 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-19Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-27Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-2Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-16Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-16 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-13Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-12Haralson County High School Senior Portrait Photographer-12

Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer | Paulding County Photography

November 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I'm So glad I got to meet and work with the McKinnon family! They are all so sweet, down to earth, and funny!  Their family portrait session went by so quickly because time flies when you're having fun!! 

Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-21Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-21 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-11Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-11 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-25Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-25 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-37Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-37 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-40Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-40 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-3Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-3 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-41Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-41 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-23Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-23 Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-19Dallas Georgia Family Portrait Photographer-19

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