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Dico Ball Session with Team 22 | New Year

December 30, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Bring in the new year with sparkles and glitter! Team 22, Class of 2022 seniors came to the studio for some fun photos for the New Year!!

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Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer | Paulding County Winter Wedding

December 16, 2021  •  1 Comment

Breanna and Ty's wedding is the perfect example of when everything goes right! It was a beautiful day, amazing weather, everyone was relaxed and kind and it seemed like the entire day went on without a hitch!  After all, they did book the dream team!!! Glamour affair, A Perfect Wedding Floral Design, Kelly Garner and, of course, Paris Mountain Photography! :D  When you book seasoned wedding pros, you get a perfect wedding for sure!!!  Breanna and Ty's big day was stunning and check out her dress!!!!!


To see more of Breanna and Ty's wedding photos please CLICK HERE!!!

Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-1Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-1 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-2Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-2 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-5Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-5 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-12Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-12 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-13Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-13 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-14Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-14 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-17Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-17 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-19Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-19 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-21Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-21 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-22Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-22 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-25Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-25 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-27Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-27 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-29Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-29 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-32Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-32 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-34Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-34 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-38Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-38 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-41Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-41 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-43Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-43 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-46Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-46 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-49Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-49 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-51Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-51 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-53Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-53 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-58Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-58 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-61Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-61 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-62Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-62 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-63Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-63 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-67Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-67Paris Mountain Photography Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-70Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-70 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-71Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-71Paris Mountain Photography Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-74Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-74Paris Mountain Photography Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-78Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-78 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-83Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-83 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-89Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-89 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-75Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-75 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-96Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-96 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-97Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-97 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-99Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-99 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-102Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-102

Fall Mini Sessions | Paulding County | Cobb County Photographer

December 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I wasn't planning to do mini sessions this fall, but I had so many longtime customers/friends who asked so I opened up one day for sessions, and those got sold out so quickly that I had to add on another!! I'm so grateful for my repeat clients. I appreciate them so much!!!   And I'm so happy that I got to meet some new families this year!! :D 

KD-1KD-1 BE-10BE-10 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-28Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-28 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-7Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-7 JE-9JE-9 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-1Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-1 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-30Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-30 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-2Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-2 TC-20TC-20 BE-16BE-16 KD-12KD-12 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-27Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-27 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-24Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-24 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-6Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-6 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-17Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-17 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-5Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-5 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-18Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-18 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-21Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-21 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-22Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-22 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-19Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-19 Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-20Cobb county Family Portrait Photographer-20 JE-13JE-13 BE-21BE-21 KD-14KD-14 KD-18KD-18 KD-13KD-13 BE-17BE-17 TC-17TC-17

Model Call | Atlanta Model | Senior Portrait Photographer Model

December 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Teen Fashion Magazine CoverTeen Fashion Magazine Cover


Rockmart Engagment Session Photographer | Atlanta Luxury Wedding Photographer

December 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Poor Brittany broke her foot before the wedding and we weren't able to take their engagement session photos. But luckily she healed quickly and was still able to walk down the isle!!  We decided to do a newlywed couple's session after their wedding so they still get some cool "engagement" photos!! :D

Rockmart Engagement Photographer-33Rockmart Engagement Photographer-33 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-12Rockmart Engagement Photographer-12 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-8Rockmart Engagement Photographer-8 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-15Rockmart Engagement Photographer-15 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-4Rockmart Engagement Photographer-4 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-1Rockmart Engagement Photographer-1 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-3Rockmart Engagement Photographer-3 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-21Rockmart Engagement Photographer-21 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-23Rockmart Engagement Photographer-23 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-35Rockmart Engagement Photographer-35 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-10Rockmart Engagement Photographer-10 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-28Rockmart Engagement Photographer-28 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-25Rockmart Engagement Photographer-25 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-19Rockmart Engagement Photographer-19 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-29Rockmart Engagement Photographer-29 Rockmart Engagement Photographer-16Rockmart Engagement Photographer-16

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