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Muse Farm Wedding Photographer | Atlanta Weddings

October 18, 2023  •  1 Comment

Mattie and Will were the sweetest couple ever!!! Their wedding day was so laid back and everything seemed like it went smoothly.  Muse farm is one of our favorite venues to work at. The owners and staff are always professional and friendly.  The locations on the property are beautiful and it just works like a well oiled machine to make anyone's wedding day perfect!!  Congrats!

To See more of Mattie and Will's wedding photos please CLICK HERE!!

Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-6Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-6 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-4Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-4 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-7Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-7 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-11Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-11 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-17Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-17 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-28Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-28 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-29Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-29 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-31Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-31 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-37Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-37 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-42Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-42 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-45Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-45 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-44Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-44 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-48Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-48 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-49Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-49 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-52Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-52 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-55Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-55 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-59Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-59 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-65Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-65 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-66Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-66 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-68Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-68 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-71Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-71 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-73Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-73 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-82Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-82 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-83Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-83 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-84Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-84 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-85Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-85 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-86Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-86 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-92Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-92 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-95Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-95 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-101Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-101 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-107Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-107 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-114Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-114 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-115Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-115 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-120Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-120 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-122Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-122 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-125Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-125 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-128Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-128 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-130Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-130 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-132Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-132 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-138Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-138 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-141Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-141 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-142Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-142 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-143Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-143 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-148Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-148 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-150Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-150 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-152Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-152 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-155Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-155 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-162Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-162 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-165Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-165 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-167Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-167 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-169Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-169 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-168Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-168 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-171Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-171 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-175Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-175 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-176Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-176 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-177Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-177 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-178Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-178 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-181Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-181 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-182Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-182 Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-183Muse Farm Wedding Photographer-183


Golf Senior Portrtaits | North Paulding High School Senior Pictures | Bentwater

October 18, 2023  •  1 Comment

"I'm doing it for mom." is what most senior boys tell me when we meet for their senior portraits. That's why I always try to make it interesting and fun for them.  Bryant loves to golf and wanted that to be a major part of his senior portrait session.  So we met on the course and had some fun.  He was so patient and seemed to enjoy his session, especially when hitting the gold ball!  This is why we do senior sessions that includes a hobby! 

North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-45North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-45 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-18North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-18 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-23North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-23 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-22North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-22 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-12North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-12 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-30North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-30 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-35North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-51North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-51 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-48North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-48 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-42North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-42 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-37North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-37 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-39North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-39 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-27North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-27 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-53North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-53 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-26North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-26 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-16North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-16 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-14North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-14 North Paulding High School Senior Portrait  Photographer-6North Paulding High School Senior Portrait Photographer-6

Destination Family Portrait Photographer | Vermont Family Pictures

October 17, 2023  •  1 Comment

Destination sessions are one of my favorite things to do!  We get to explore new places and scout cool locations!  The Messer's wanted to visit the beautiful fall foliage of Vermont!  We had so much fun shooting all over town and even ventured close to the Canadian border for some epic family photos!! I'm available for destination sessions all over the world!!! 

Destination Portrait Photographer-47Destination Portrait Photographer-47 Destination Portrait Photographer-17Destination Portrait Photographer-17 Destination Portrait Photographer-41Destination Portrait Photographer-41 Destination Portrait Photographer-25Destination Portrait Photographer-25 Destination Portrait Photographer-36Destination Portrait Photographer-36 Destination Portrait Photographer-51Destination Portrait Photographer-51 Destination Portrait Photographer-31Destination Portrait Photographer-31 Destination Portrait Photographer-11Destination Portrait Photographer-11 Destination Portrait Photographer-5Destination Portrait Photographer-5 Destination Portrait Photographer-21Destination Portrait Photographer-21 Destination Portrait Photographer-13Destination Portrait Photographer-13 Destination Portrait Photographer-43Destination Portrait Photographer-43 Destination Portrait Photographer-29Destination Portrait Photographer-29 Destination Portrait Photographer-33Destination Portrait Photographer-33 Destination Portrait Photographer-49Destination Portrait Photographer-49

Rockmart High School Senior Portrait Photographer

October 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I have been so lucky to get to work with the Sanders family on so many major milestones. This time I got to take Karley's senior portraits!! She is so sweet, just like the rest of her family!  We had such a pleasant session with amazing weather and a beautiful location! 

KS-40KS-40 KS-2KS-2 KS-30KS-30 KS-55KS-55 KS-65KS-65 KS-76KS-76 KS-74KS-74 KS-67KS-67 KS-44KS-44 KS-75KS-75

Elizabeth and Cody

October 05, 2023  •  1 Comment

I cannot say enough great things about Elizabeth and Cody's Wedding! This is one of those weddings that reminds me why I love my job! First and foremost, Elizabeth was THE CUTEST bride ever! She was so fun and bubbly and her smile was so sweet. Every. Single. Detail. was perfect! Elizabeth had really cute ideas and the whole day was so trendy and timeless at the same time. Elizabeth and Cody were such a sweet couple to work with! Oh...I almost forgot. They had a PIZZA TRUCK!

To view more of Elizabeth and Cody's Wedding Click Here!


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