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St. Louis Public Library | Photoshoot | Photography

May 09, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

When I knew we were going to St. Louis, I knew I wanted to take some photos at the public Library!  It's such a gorgeous backdrop with so much history and architecture! 

Model: JessicaAmbuehl

Shutterfest-53Shutterfest-53 Shutterfest-52Shutterfest-52 Shutterfest-54Shutterfest-54 Shutterfest-51Shutterfest-51 Shutterfest-55Shutterfest-55


Avant Garde | Photography | Artists

May 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I love thinking outside of the box, so when I got to participate in this avant garde class I was so excited!!


Heather Turpin

Hillary Cagle

Lucy Tobey

Megan Kath

Caylen Johnson

Shutterfest-42Shutterfest-42 Shutterfest-33Shutterfest-33 Shutterfest-48Shutterfest-48 Shutterfest-44Shutterfest-44 Shutterfest-39Shutterfest-39 Shutterfest-46Shutterfest-46

Seasons | Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

May 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Late night photo shoots were all scheduled.  This seasons session started at 10pm!  I love how creative the artists and models were!


Anna May

Azlynn Brookens

Miranda Fox

Violet Deardorff


Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer | Boy and his dog | Guitar | Fire

May 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The first time I met Mason he was a young teenager sitting outside of his mom's shop trying to learn the trumpet.  It was so adorable to hear him trying to hit the notes all down the street!  I'll never forget how cute it was and how sweet Mason has been all growing up!  I was so happy when they asked me to shoot his senior portraits! He's moved on to the guitar and other cool hobbies, but he'll always be that little trumpet boy to me!

Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-45Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-45

Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-29Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-17Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-33Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-21Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-13Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-19Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-32Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-26Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-26 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-27Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-37Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-36Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-36 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-41Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-5Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-4Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-4 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-44Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-44 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-46Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-11Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-8Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-39Rockmart Senior Portrait Photographer-39

Shutterfest | Great Gatsby | Union Station | Roaring 20's

May 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Attending photography conferences is something I do almost every year.  No matter how much I learn, there's always so much more!!  I attended Shutterfest this year for the first time in St. Louis with Hannah.  It was so much fun and so different from all of the other conferences I've attended. I especially love that I got to get some unique images that I normally don't shoot! :D    I'll be posting them over the next week or so. So, when you notice some of the images are different from my usual work, that's why!!! :D HAHAH!! 

We teamed up with our model Jayden for this Great Gatsby themed shoot at the beautiful Union Station in St. Louis!

Shutterfest-20Shutterfest-20 Shutterfest-5Shutterfest-5 Shutterfest-9Shutterfest-9 Shutterfest-2Shutterfest-2 Shutterfest-12Shutterfest-12 Shutterfest-17Shutterfest-17 Shutterfest-22Shutterfest-22 Shutterfest-13Shutterfest-13 Shutterfest-14Shutterfest-14 Shutterfest-11Shutterfest-11 Shutterfest-18Shutterfest-18


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