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Mechanic Senior Portrait Photographer | Paulding County Senior portraits

November 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Most guys aren't thrilled about getting their senior portraits taken, but they do it for mom!  Sean was such a good sport during his senior portrait session.  And he was totally in his element in his family's auto shop for some more casual photos!  I really loved seeing him in his element and how natural he was with the tools and cars!  Mom loved the photos too, so it was all worth it, right Sean!!! :D HAHAH!

East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-13East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-13 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-19East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-19 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-16East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-16 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-12East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-12 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-22East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-22 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-1East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-1 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-8East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-8 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-5East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-5 East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-17East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-17

Georgia Wedding Photographer | The Venue at Daisy Hill

November 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Weddings are almost always a lovely event for me as a photographer.  This was certainly true with Brandee and Austin's wedding at The Venue at Daisy Hill!  Everything went so smoothly and it was a beautiful celebration of their marriage!!  There are so many great things I could say about this couple, their family, friends and wedding pros from that day.   So, just enjoy their stunning wedding photos!  :D 


To See more of Brandee and Austin's wedding photos please CLICK HERE!

Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-1Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-1 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-7Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-7 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-15Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-15 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-19Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-19 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-20Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-20 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-23Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-23 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-30Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-30 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-34Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-34 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-35Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-35 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-43Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-43 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-46Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-46 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-51Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-51 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-53Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-53 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-59Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-59 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-66Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-66 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-77Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-77 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-82Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-82 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-90Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-90 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-106Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-106 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-109Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-109 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-122Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-122 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-130Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-130 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-135Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-135 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-147Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-147 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-151Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-151 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-152Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-152 Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-159Atlanta Georiga Wedding Photographer-159


Cars, Golf and City Lights | Atlanta High School Senior Portrait Photographer

November 01, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Ashton's Atlanta senior portrait session turned out so cool. He loves his car, golfing and the city, so we tried to include all of the things he likes in his session!!

Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-32Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-43Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-37Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-45Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-42Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-1Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-21Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-21

Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-24Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-24 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-28Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-11Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-14Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-8Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-9Decatur High School Senior Portrait Photographer-9

North Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer

October 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Elaina had the most beautiful weather on the day of her senior portrait session.   It was such a pretty day with the warm sun that made her images look so glowy!  It was such a laid back, relaxed session it felt more like just hanging out together than any kind of work! Her photos turned out so lovely! 

North Paulding High School Photographer-15North Paulding High School Photographer-15 North Paulding High School Photographer-12North Paulding High School Photographer-12 North Paulding High School Photographer-7North Paulding High School Photographer-7 North Paulding High School Photographer-36North Paulding High School Photographer-36 North Paulding High School Photographer-27North Paulding High School Photographer-27 North Paulding High School Photographer-32North Paulding High School Photographer-32 North Paulding High School Photographer-3North Paulding High School Photographer-3 North Paulding High School Photographer-29North Paulding High School Photographer-29 North Paulding High School Photographer-10North Paulding High School Photographer-10 North Paulding High School Photographer-6North Paulding High School Photographer-6 North Paulding High School Photographer-35North Paulding High School Photographer-35 North Paulding High School Photographer-23North Paulding High School Photographer-23 North Paulding High School Photographer-21North Paulding High School Photographer-21 North Paulding High School Photographer-16North Paulding High School Photographer-16 North Paulding High School Photographer-25North Paulding High School Photographer-25 North Paulding High School Photographer-38North Paulding High School Photographer-38

Junkyard Senior Portrait Session | Old Cars | Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer

October 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Shelby and her family love cars, so what better place to have her senior portrait session than at a cool old junkyard!  She was even named Shelby after one of the coolest style of cars ever!!  It was so wonderful spending time with her and her family walking the trails of this cool junkyard looking for VW's and other cool cars to shoot with!  Her photos turned out so cute!!

Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-25Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-20Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-9Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-14Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-36Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-36 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-39Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-40Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-28Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-35Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-43Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-46Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-21Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-17Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-1Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-15Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-15

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