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Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer | Polk County Photographer

June 27, 2022  •  1 Comment

Sometimes when I shoot a senior portrait session I really get to connect with the family, and I really feel like I did with Sarah Beth's!!  Her little sister helped with some behind the scene videos and she showed me her slime collection! We hung out at the lake for a while waiting for the sun to go down and it was so pleasant!  It didn't feel like work at all! It was like family! I'm so grateful and blessed to get to work with such wonderful people!!! 

HMU: Lexi Lewis

Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-51Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-51 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-47Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-21Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-35Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-11Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-3Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-8Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-53Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-53 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-55Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-58Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-58 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-15Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-19Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-10Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-10 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-14Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-29Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-32Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-40Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-45Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-43Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-49Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-49 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-33Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-61Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer-61

Cartersville Family Portrait Session Photographer

June 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I'm SO glad Mary added a family portrait session to her son's senior portrait session.  Soon to be empty nesters, it's the perfect time to catch everyone in the family one last time for a great family photo!!

Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-3Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-3 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-22Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-22 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-18Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-18 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-11Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-11 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-17Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-17 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-14Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-14 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-5Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-5 Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-1Cartersville Family Portrait Photographer-1

Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer |East Paulding

June 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Taylor was such an amazing model! I've got to take her photos a few times already because she's part of Team 23 so when it was time for her senior portrait session I was so excited to get to work with her again.  It was one of the hottest days of the year, but she was such a trooper and we toughed it out!  With amazing Hair and Makeup by Glamour Affair you can't even tell it was like 100 degrees outside! She looks so fresh and stunning!!!  My favorite part was showing her photos to her, mom, and sister  They all cried!!! I nearly cried too! Taylor said she can't believe it's already senior year! :D  I was so touched and so glad she loved her senior pictures so much!! :D 

Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-1Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-83Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-83 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-87Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-87 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-89Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-89 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-100Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-100 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-97Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-97 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-28Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-71Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-71 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-62Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-62 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-69Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-69 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-79Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-79 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-94Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-94 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-101Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-101 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-95Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-95 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-3Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-10Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-10 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-15Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-33Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-45Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-55Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-35Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-57Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-76Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-76 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-49Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-49 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-39Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-25Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-25

Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer | Destination Photos | Travel | Sedona, Arizona

June 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've been lucky enough to get to work with Laura and her family for so many years.  This year was their anniversary so they invited me on a trip to Sedona, Arizona to take their family portraits and anniversary photos.  I was SO excited because I'm from Arizona and have shot photos in Sedona before!  I wanted to pick the perfect location for their session and make it as epic as possible. Which meant for some hiking, climbing and scrambling up some rocks at Cathedral Rock.  But it was SO worth it for their amazing photos!!! I'm SO glad they love their portraits, and their experience hiking though the desert with me!!!

Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-27Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-27 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-31Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-31 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-43Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-43 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-15Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-15 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-3Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-3 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-19Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-19 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-41Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-41

Team 23 | Senior Portraits | Fake Trip to Europe | Destination Photographer

June 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Guess where Team 23 went! We took a trip to Europe!  Everyone got to get a photo in amazing European locations to share on social media.  Okay, you got us.  It was a fake trip!  We actually took photos near the studio and I edited them into cool cities and locations.  It took some creativity and work to figure out how to pose the girls and pick the best photo locations to match them up with!  Once all of the photoshopping was finished, I think they turned out pretty good!!!!  So let's just leave out the "fake" part and say we all went on a trip to Europe Mkay!!?!!!



Santorini 1Santorini 1

Santorini, Greece

Germany 2Germany 2





Santorini 2Santorini 2





Venice Rome2Rome2

Rome, Italy


Paris Paris 2Paris 2










Paris Mountain Photography-1Paris Mountain Photography-1

Rockmart, GA

Paris Mountain Photography-3Paris Mountain Photography-3

Rockmart, GA Paris Mountain Photography-2Paris Mountain Photography-2

  Rockmart, GA


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