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Horses Senior Portrait Session | High School Pictures photographer

May 09, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

The first time I took Caroline's photo was in 2009!!!  She has grown SO much since then! I love seeing my families grow up and see how these little kiddoes mature in their own interests!  Caroline loves horses so we HAD to take photos at the stables!!  We all love how they turned out!!!


Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-8Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-8 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-22Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-22 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-16Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-16 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-10Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-10 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-14Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-14 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-30Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-30 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-24Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-24 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-20Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-20 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-41Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-41 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-35Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-35 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-43Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-43 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-36Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-36 Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-55Bartow County Hors Senior Photographer-55


Berry College Engagement session | Wedding Photographer

May 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Mattie and Will were so sweet and laid back for their engagement session!  We drove around here and there on  the Berry College campus and we got some adorable engagement photos!  They are just so cute and loveable!  I think we giggled the entire time!!  I can't wait for their wedding later this year! 

Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-34Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-34 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-41Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-41 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-33Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-33 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-32Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-32 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-9Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-9 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-5Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-5 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-13Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-13 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-17Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-17 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-37Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-37 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-35Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-35 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-26Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-26 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-15Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-15 Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-11Berry College Engagment Session Photographer-11


Pop Up Wedding Inspiration | Micro Elopement

May 07, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

We were so excited about planning the pop up wedding on April 15th!! Check out our inspiration vs reality!  Hannah did an amazing job keeping with the theme!! 


Scroll down for reality!!

InspirationInspiration Reality webReality web

Kingston Downs Wedding Photographer | Pop Up Wedding | Micro Elopement

May 06, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
Skip City Hall and have an intimate wedding ceremony and beautiful photos for your special day! Some call it elopements, pop-up weddings, micro- weddings, intimate weddings, wedding day co-op and more. No matter what you call it, your wedding day will be all taken care of by our top wedding professionals.  We provided the venue, florals, digital invitation, DJ, officiant, and more.  Plus photography by Paris Mountain Photography! Pop Up weddings are a beautiful way to have an intimate, stress free wedding!   Here is our recent  Pop Up couple, Jayme and Nathan!
To see more of their beautiful wedding photos please CLICK HERE!!!!
jaymeandnathan-2jaymeandnathan-2 jaymeandnathan-6jaymeandnathan-6 jaymeandnathan-9jaymeandnathan-9
jaymeandnathan-46jaymeandnathan-46 jaymeandnathan-79jaymeandnathan-79
jaymeandnathan-93jaymeandnathan-93 jaymeandnathan-111jaymeandnathan-111 jaymeandnathan-146jaymeandnathan-146 jaymeandnathan-167jaymeandnathan-167 jaymeandnathan-187jaymeandnathan-187 jaymeandnathan-231jaymeandnathan-231 jaymeandnathan-238jaymeandnathan-238 jaymeandnathan-268jaymeandnathan-268 jaymeandnathan-282jaymeandnathan-282 jaymeandnathan-6jaymeandnathan-6

Rock and Roll Photoshoot with Team 24 | Senior Portrait Photographer

May 04, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

One of the fun perks of being part of Team 24 and getting senior portraits with Paris Mountain Photography is all of the fun photoshoots we do throughout the year!!  This month we had a rock and roll inspired photoshoot.  There were lots of giggled and fun to be had!!!

Rock and Roll 2023-26Rock and Roll 2023-26 Rock and Roll 2023-4Rock and Roll 2023-4 Rock and Roll 2023-29Rock and Roll 2023-29 Rock and Roll 2023-7Rock and Roll 2023-7 Rock and Roll 2023-10Rock and Roll 2023-10 Rock and Roll 2023-12Rock and Roll 2023-12 Rock and Roll 2023-15Rock and Roll 2023-15 Rock and Roll 2023-17Rock and Roll 2023-17 Rock and Roll 2023-20Rock and Roll 2023-20 Rock and Roll 2023-32Rock and Roll 2023-32 Rock and Roll 2023-35Rock and Roll 2023-35 Rock and Roll 2023-37Rock and Roll 2023-37 Rock and Roll 2023-38Rock and Roll 2023-38 Rock and Roll 2023-40Rock and Roll 2023-40 Rock and Roll 2023-43Rock and Roll 2023-43 Rock and Roll 2023-44Rock and Roll 2023-44 Rock and Roll 2023-47Rock and Roll 2023-47 Rock and Roll 2023-49Rock and Roll 2023-49


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