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Indigo Falls Engagement Session | Wedding Photographer | Dallas GA Wedding

April 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Indigo Falls in Dallas GA is one of my favorite locations to shoot anything.  Weddings, Engagement Sessions, Senior Portraits etc.  Many years ago when they first opened up Bruce asked me to take a tour.  It was magical.  Shortly after that I was able to shoot dozens of weddings there and knowing most of their staff personally it's always like visiting family!  I  love Indigo Falls and it was the perfect location for this engagement session!

Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-9Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-9 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-6Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-6 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-19Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-19 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-2Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-2 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-15Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-15 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-26Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-26 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-18Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-18 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-21Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-21 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-12Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-12 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-24Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-24 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-32Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-32 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-30Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-30 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-35Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-35 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-38Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-38 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-4Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-4 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-40Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-40 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-7Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-7 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-13Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-13 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-36Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-36 Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-42Indigo Falls Wedding Photographer-42  

Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer | Bremen Photography | Buchanan photographer

April 22, 2021  •  1 Comment

Cera and my daughter Emily were in girl scouts since they were wee little girls.  We've kept in touch through the years and I just can't believe they're graduating this year!!!!  Cera's mom asked me to shoot her senior portraits!!!  We shot at McGarity House and it's just a beautiful location!!! 

Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-3Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-5Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-9Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-16Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-16 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-11Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-17Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-13Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-21Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-20Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-24Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-24

Cedartown Senior Portrait Photographer | Senior Pictures | Atlanta Model

April 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When Evie came to my studio for her senior portrait reveal she brought her entire family.  Mom joked that the grandparents would be crying and they needed tissues, till the music played and her pictures showed up on the big screen. Then guess who had the biggest tears? Yep, you guessed it, mom.   I know I've done my job when everyone is in tears.  I'm so glad they all loved Evie's photos as much as I do!!! :D

EN-7EN-7 EN-16EN-16 EN-21EN-21 EN-26EN-26 EN-27EN-27 EN-28EN-28 EN-15EN-15 EN-10EN-10 EN-5EN-5 EN-1EN-1 EN-17EN-17 EN-19EN-19 EN-20EN-20 EN-29EN-29 EN-22EN-22 EN-25EN-25 EN-4EN-4 EN-11EN-11 EN-13EN-13 EN-23EN-23

Cobb County Family Portrait Photographer | Family Pictures | Atlanta Photography Headshots

April 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Referrals are the heart of my business. I love when someone calls me who was referred by a friend or a friend of a friend!  Veronica lives all the way across town but she came to me for her family portraits and head shots.  They are such a lovely family and when it came time to order her images she was going to try to narrow it down, but after she saw the first five she immediately just got them all!! :D 

VL-31VL-31 VL-27VL-27 VL-12VL-12 VL-2VL-2 VL-32VL-32 VL-49VL-49 VL-40VL-40 VL-41VL-41 VL-37VL-37 VL-42VL-42 VL-45VL-45 VL-46VL-46

California | Model | Photography

April 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When my daughter was in Los Angeles for her photography internship she put together several amazing photo shoots in and around the LA area!  I was lucky enough to be her chauffer and she gave me permission to snap a few shots of my own!  Frankly her photos are much better, but I'm glad I got to have fun a little shooting over her shoulder! 

California-8California-8 California-1California-1 California-7California-7 California-5California-5 California-6California-6