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Nikki and Josh got married in Rome, GA at Oak Hill! The same wedding location as Sweet Home Alabama! OMG! I felt like Reese Witherspoon was going to come out of the house for a second!!Other than the fact that their wedding was the hottest wedding I have ever shot, it was an amazing day!!!! Everything flowed so smoothly and all of the families, guests and wedding party was a dream to work with! Poor Nikki and Josh had to tough out that 100 degree day in that beautiful wedding gown and three piece suit, but you'd never know it! Nikki used my shirt to wipe her face as it glistened (that's what I call it when a bride sweats because it sounds prettier! HAHA!) and we drank lots and lots of water all day! I'm so happy no one passed out... especially Josh!!! Congrats Nikki and Josh! May your marriage be as amazing... and hot... as your wedding day was!!! :D
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