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I remember the first time I walked into the Biltmore Ballrooms in Atlanta and it literally took my breath away! It was over 10 years ago and I felt like a princess in a castle! Since then I've shot several weddings, styled shoots and even a Great Gatsby themed shoot there! Not only is the location magnificent. But the staff at the Biltmore has always been wonderful! They always treated me, the photographer, with respect and kindness. Everyone is always professional! Having worked there a dozen times I have my favorite locations around the property and I love that everything is so close that we can get photos done in the time needed on the wedding day! Even when they flip the room from ceremony to reception, the staff is always patient knowing we need to finish family photos and I never feel rushed! I'm so happy Alison and Joseph decided to have their wedding at the Biltmore Ballrooms! It's definitely one of my favorite wedding venues for so many reasons! Congrats!
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