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Sometimes I come up with some crazy ideas. This shoot was inspired by a flash frame of a woman in a red dress with red fabric blowing in the wind on a car commecial about five months ago. I paused the commecial and studied that frame of beauty for about five or ten minutes and immediately texted my stylist Kelley!! That, my friends, is how a styled shoot is born! :D

I’m such a lucky person to get to work with such amazing women! All I had to do is ask if they wanted to do this Geisha inspired styled shoot and everyone jumped at the chance to help! Every single person involved put 110% into making this shoot possible for me… even my mom in AZ who shipped me every Japanese thing she could think of. I especially love my mother’s fan, and the 100 year old Kimonos we wore! Belle Terra was the perfect location for our shoot with their beautiful red bridge, and I couldn’t have asked for a better model Melody, who was a natural in front of the camera. As always Kate from Honeymoon Bakery made an outrageous Asian inspired cake and the flowers Gail with Perfect Wedding Floral Design made were SO perfect. She put so much effort into getting the perfect pink cherry blossoms even when they weren’t in season! Most of all I’m SO grateful for my friend/stylist Kelley and Nisha and Kristin with A Glamor Affair, because they really put together the amazing Asian look that was in my head and made it a reality! Oh, and to Kelley who took my pictures! You did a great job Kelley!!! Thank you all SOOOO much for your fabulousness!!!!! Muwaaaahhhh!!!

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