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I've known and worked with Hannah's mom in the wedding industry for over a decade. When it was her turn for the perfect wedding I knew it was going to be just that! Perfect!! Then Covid happened and Hannah had to postpone her wedding a few months. Not a problem. We rescheduled for July and their wedding details were going to be amazing!!! Then the day before the big day Hannah's caterer had to cancel due to Covid. Not a problem!! Pizza and beer for everyone!!! The big day came and the weather was gorgeous, details were immaculate and Hannah looked stunning!!! Then, just minutes before the ceremony, the sky opened up and it rained cats and dogs. NO PROBLEM!! Hannah didn't even flinch! At the end of the day we planned an adorable getaway with confetti, but alas, they got wet and didn't work. NO PROBLEM!! We improvised with some help from her bridesmaids! Hannah got her amazing, gorgeous, "perfect" wedding because not only are she and Cooper the coolest couple EVER, but their wedding photos turned out AMAZING!!!!!!
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