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When Kathleen contacted me to shoot her wedding in Seaside, Florida I booked her immediately over the phone! Why? Because her excitement to book me was beyond anything I've ever heard!!! She was so enthusiastic to meet me, spend her wedding day with me and get some pretty awesome pics...'s HER wedding day right!?! HAHA! I was so excited about her being so excited it was the most fun wedding! Their wedding was an intimate gathering in one of the Seaside Pavilions as a storm rolled in. The sky was so dramatic and the ocean was so blue, it was simply the perfect setting for them! I loved her simple yet stunning dress and shooting on the beach was just so laid back and breezy!!! Everyone was so relaxed and we walked with no shoes on the beach most of the day! Their wedding was so amazing that Gulf Coast Bride Magazine featured their wedding! And Destination Wedding Magazine loves their cake so much they also put it in an article for print!! Thanks SO much for asking me to come to Florida to shoot your Destination Wedding Kathleen and congratulations!!!