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Living in Arizona for over 10 years as a teenager you’d think I would have been to every awesome location in the state… but I hadn’t!! So I had to journey back and visit all of the “bucket list” desert locations I had literally dreamed about visiting all of my life! One was Antelope Canyon! My mom bought be calendars with images of this slot canyon for years and I never knew it was possible to just go! So when I got to step in the sand inside the canyon and feel the sandstone walls, and see the waves of natural color I was literally speechless!!! Driving to Monument valley provided us with some of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s remarkable how different a sunset is in the desert! My last sweet spot was visiting Holbrook, AZ and looking for the perfect location for a mini shoot with my daughters and we just stumbled into the Wigwam Hotel without even realizing it! I’m SO incredibly blessed to get to go to the places I’ve been!