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From JoJo:
Pam with Paris Mountain Photography was the absolute BEST photographer I could have asked for with my wedding! Not only did it downpour rain due to a hurricane but we were also dealing with a pandemic and a type A bride! She was extremely professional and handled everything perfectly. Not once did she get frustrated or stressed even with all of the craziness going on. She stood in the rain and took pictures of everything I asked.
Pam took time to go over the wedding timeline in advance and answer all questions before the wedding making me feel very comfortable with the schedule for the day. She was very directive but kind. Her timeline literally allowed for everything to run smoothly as well as to help make sure not a single picture was missed.
I have a large family and she went line by line making sure she got every single picture I requested as well as all of the little detail items that were special to me.
I am OCD, type A, a control freak, perfectionist and a creative person. All of these things can be a nightmare for a photographer but she never once made me feel like I was asking too much. In fact, Pam made me feel as if I was very easy to work with and never once made me feel like a bridezilla. I would go as far as to say that Pam made me feel like a close friend which calmed my nerves greatly on my wedding day, during a hurricane and a pandemic.
I truly believe Pam and Hannah went above and beyond to help my wedding day go perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better set of photographers and am so very thankful she was available on my date.
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