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 Welcome to Paris Mountain Photography School!


Embark on a journey of creativity, inspiration, and growth with our exclusive photography community. Whether you're a beginner eager to master the basics or a seasoned photographer seeking to refine your skills, our school offers comprehensive resources tailored to elevate your craft and business.

Here's what you gain access to with our $10 monthly subscription:

Private Facebook Group: Join our vibrant community of passionate photographers. Inside, you'll find a supportive environment where members share insights, exchange feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, get daily photography tips from Pam Jones, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Engage directly with Pam during our live Q&A sessions held every week. Ask burning questions, seek advice on techniques, equipment, or business strategies, and gain invaluable insights to propel your photography journey forward.

Monthly Photo Challenges with Critiques: Challenge yourself creatively and participate in our monthly photo challenges. Each month, we provide exciting themes to spark your imagination. Submit your best shots, receive constructive critiques from Pam and witness your skills evolve with every challenge.

Tools for Business Success: Beyond honing your photography skills, we're dedicated to helping you succeed in the business aspect of photography. Gain access to resources, tips, and strategies aimed at building and growing your photography business. From marketing techniques to client management, we've got you covered.

Posing Guides: Come with Pam behind the scenes at actual photo shoots and watch her pose live models/clients, see how she works one on one with her subjects to get the most natural, yet directed posing for their session.

At Paris Mountain Photography School, our mission is to empower photographers at every stage of their journey. Join us today and unlock the keys to a successful and fulfilling photography career.

Ready to take your photography to new heights? Enroll now and let's capture greatness together!




After you've signed up: Email or DM your Facebook Profile to Paris Mountain Photography to be added to the private group.