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Brides are always worried about rain on their wedding day.  Yes, we all have to be flexible with mother nature.  But why not make the best of it!!!!  Read some tips from Paris Mountain Photography about dealing with bad weather on your wedding day! rain-1rain-1© 2015 Paris Mountain Photography

Rain on your wedding day doesn't mean your day is ruined.  And, you will probably hear about a hundred people tell you that rain on your wedding day is good luck!  Well,  I'm not sure about luck... but with the right tips you might just get through that rainy day unscathed! 

Tip # 1. Have a Backup Plan!  It's okay to be discouraged if it rains on your day.  You dreamed your entire life for the perfect day, the perfect weather and lets face it.... the perfect hair!  But Mother Nature is unpredictable.  So have a backup plan! If your venue doesn't have an alternate location indoors then consider renting a tent.  Know your venue and understand their policies for inclement weather.  And be sure to have people bring boots, towels and umbrellas.  Lots and lots of them! 

Tip # 2.  Be flexible.  So you might have to get married in the reception hall, or under a tent, but remember why you're actually there.  To get married right!!! So, don't sweat the small stuff and look into your groom's eyes and ignore the pitter patter of raindrops over your head!  Realize things have to change and just go with the flow.

Tip#3.  One of the things brides worry the most about in bad weather is their hair and makeup! That's where professionals come in!  If you get experienced wedding makeup and hair professionals you have a better chance of still looking great through your entire day!  They use products that set in and stay on mostly for those salty tear drops... but it works for raindrops too!  Also, consider an updo!  Wearing your hair up looks great on a sunny day, and even more on a rainy day. It will stay in place and you won't look like a soggy mess.

Tip #4.  Hire a professional photographer who knows how to work in any changing situation.  There are tons of photographers who are great at shooting in daylight.  But finding a photographer who is skilled in lighting and techniques that set them apart will truly turn lemons into lemonade when it comes to a rainy day on your wedding!  Be willing to take some risks and let the photographer guide you how to take some amazing pics...even if it means getting a little bit wet! 

Tip# 5.  Don't be afraid to get wet.  Only the wicked witch of the west melted in the rain!  You might get wet, but a little rain won't hurt anyone!  Yes your dress will get a bit more dirty....they ALL do by the end of a reception anyway.  In the end... after you've showered and dried off, you'll be happy you did.

So kick off your heels and jump in a puddle together, kiss under an umbrella, or dance in the rain.  You will have amazing memories for years about your soggy sweet wedding day!!!! 


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