Powder Paint Photoshoot | Class of 22 Team Session | Color

September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When you book your senior portraits with Paris Mountain Photography you don't just get amazing senior portraits, but you get a whole year senior experience!!!  I absolutely love working with high school seniors because they truly keep me young!  Getting creative and stepping out of the photography box is one of my favorite things to get to do.  We got to shoot this powder paint session outside of the studio and it was SO much fun!   On top of that, one of the coolest things about this powder paint session specifically is two of the girls became fast friends and one of the boys and a girl is actually going to homecoming together after meeting at this session!!!  I'm SO excited!!!! 

Powder Paint Photoshoot-25Powder Paint Photoshoot-25 Powder Paint Photoshoot-16Powder Paint Photoshoot-16 Powder Paint Photoshoot-11Powder Paint Photoshoot-11 Powder Paint Photoshoot-3Powder Paint Photoshoot-3 Powder Paint Photoshoot-1Powder Paint Photoshoot-1 Powder Paint Photoshoot-27Powder Paint Photoshoot-27 Powder Paint Photoshoot-31Powder Paint Photoshoot-31 Powder Paint Photoshoot-38Powder Paint Photoshoot-38 Powder Paint Photoshoot-44Powder Paint Photoshoot-44 Powder Paint Photoshoot-59Powder Paint Photoshoot-59 Powder Paint Photoshoot-56Powder Paint Photoshoot-56 Powder Paint Photoshoot-54Powder Paint Photoshoot-54 Powder Paint Photoshoot-52Powder Paint Photoshoot-52 Powder Paint Photoshoot-49Powder Paint Photoshoot-49 Powder Paint Photoshoot-48Powder Paint Photoshoot-48 Powder Paint Photoshoot-39Powder Paint Photoshoot-39 Powder Paint Photoshoot-33Powder Paint Photoshoot-33 Powder Paint Photoshoot-23Powder Paint Photoshoot-23 Powder Paint Photoshoot-21Powder Paint Photoshoot-21 Powder Paint Photoshoot-19Powder Paint Photoshoot-19 Powder Paint Photoshoot-24Powder Paint Photoshoot-24


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