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January 11, 2022  •  1 Comment

My daughter just taught me how to play chess last year.  Although I'm not very good at it, I can appreciate the strategy and competitive nature of the game.  When The Queen's Gambit Netflix series came on I absolutely binge watched it and loved the story and costumes.  Fast forward to this year when a girl whom I've shot family photos before was at church and I noticed how she looked just like Anya Taylor-Joy the star of the show!  Jacqueline is only 10 but I thought she would be the perfect model for a Queen's Gambit chess inspired photo shoot.   I quickly made some calls and put it together literally in hours!! I'm SO thrilled how the photos turned out! 

Photography: Paris Mountain Photography

Style Assist:  Hannah Jones

Hair and Makeup: Nisha with A Glamour Affair

Location: James and Liz Kelly's home

Wardrobe : Shanny Robinson

Model: Jacqueline Robinson

Queens Gambit side by sideQueens Gambit side by side

  The Queens Gambit-5The Queens Gambit-5 The Queens Gambit-13The Queens Gambit-13 The Queens Gambit-10The Queens Gambit-10 The Queens Gambit-18The Queens Gambit-18 The Queens Gambit-23The Queens Gambit-23 The Queens Gambit-33The Queens Gambit-33 The Queens Gambit-36The Queens Gambit-36 The Queens Gambit-4The Queens Gambit-4 The Queens Gambit-8The Queens Gambit-8 The Queens Gambit-16The Queens Gambit-16 The Queens Gambit-28The Queens Gambit-28 The Queens Gambit-35The Queens Gambit-35 The Queens Gambit-21The Queens Gambit-21 The Queens Gambit-25The Queens Gambit-25 The Queens Gambit-31The Queens Gambit-31


Phenomenal, beautiful captures inspired by the show. Job well done!
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