Team 23 Blacklight Session

April 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We got to kick of the class of 2023 with our very first team photo shoot and get creative with black light paint!  It's easier said than done, but these girls got creative and look pretty epic glowing in the dark! :D

Team23 Blacklight-3Team23 Blacklight-3

Team23 Blacklight-38Team23 Blacklight-38 Team23 Blacklight-2Team23 Blacklight-2 Team23 Blacklight-7Team23 Blacklight-7 Team23 Blacklight-8Team23 Blacklight-8 Team23 Blacklight-10Team23 Blacklight-10 Team23 Blacklight-13Team23 Blacklight-13 Team23 Blacklight-15Team23 Blacklight-15 Team23 Blacklight-17Team23 Blacklight-17 Team23 Blacklight-19Team23 Blacklight-19 Team23 Blacklight-22Team23 Blacklight-22 Team23 Blacklight-23Team23 Blacklight-23 Team23 Blacklight-26Team23 Blacklight-26 Team23 Blacklight-28Team23 Blacklight-28 Team23 Blacklight-31Team23 Blacklight-31 Team23 Blacklight-32Team23 Blacklight-32 Team23 Blacklight-35Team23 Blacklight-35 Team23 Blacklight-37Team23 Blacklight-37



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