Smoke Session | Class of 2023 Senior Portraits | Senior Model Team

August 29, 2022  •  1 Comment

We're always trying to do something different and fun for our team shoots, so this year we wanted to do a smoke bomb session.  But working with actual smoke bombs can be very unpredictable! With 17 girls that came to our shoot, it would have been super chaotic. So we decided to use some creativity to make it look like smoke, but not actually need the fire department to come downtown! Haha!!  Each senior got to choose her own color and they turned out super cool!!

Team 23 Smoke Session-6Team 23 Smoke Session-6 Team 23 Smoke Session-5Team 23 Smoke Session-5 Team 23 Smoke Session-9Team 23 Smoke Session-9 Team 23 Smoke Session-16Team 23 Smoke Session-16 Team 23 Smoke Session-8Team 23 Smoke Session-8 Team 23 Smoke Session-15Team 23 Smoke Session-15 Team 23 Smoke Session-2Team 23 Smoke Session-2 Team 23 Smoke Session-18Team 23 Smoke Session-18 Team 23 Smoke Session-4Team 23 Smoke Session-4 Team 23 Smoke Session-11Team 23 Smoke Session-11 Team 23 Smoke Session-17Team 23 Smoke Session-17 Team 23 Smoke Session-12Team 23 Smoke Session-12 Team 23 Smoke Session-7Team 23 Smoke Session-7 Team 23 Smoke Session-3Team 23 Smoke Session-3 Team 23 Smoke Session-13Team 23 Smoke Session-13 Team 23 Smoke Session-14Team 23 Smoke Session-14 Team 23 Smoke Session-10Team 23 Smoke Session-10


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