Team 24 | Smoke Photoshoot

January 31, 2024  •  3 Comments

Each year we come up with fun unique photo shoots for our team shoots.   The smoke shoot was super popular last year, so we brought it back this year! :D  It was cold, but these girls were super troopers!!!!

Team24 smoke-12Team24 smoke-12 Team24 smoke-44Team24 smoke-44 Team24 smoke-43Team24 smoke-43 Team24 smoke-39Team24 smoke-39 Team24 smoke-37Team24 smoke-37 Team24 smoke-34Team24 smoke-34 Team24 smoke-31Team24 smoke-31 Team24 smoke-26Team24 smoke-26 Team24 smoke-23Team24 smoke-23 Team24 smoke-21Team24 smoke-21 Team24 smoke-19Team24 smoke-19 Team24 smoke-15Team24 smoke-15 Team24 smoke-9Team24 smoke-9 Team24 smoke-6Team24 smoke-6

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