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Chateau Elan Family Portrait Session | Atlanta Luxury Portrait Photographer

November 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

How can you not take amazing photos at Chateau Elan!  Heather wanted her family portraits at the beautiful vineyard and I was excited to get to work there again! You can't take a bad photo of that place and her family is simply adorable!  I hope to get to work with them again! :D

Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-22Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-22 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-3Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-3 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-14Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-14 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-16Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-16 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-1Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-1 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-6Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-6 HA-11HA-11 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-8Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-8 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-28Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-28 Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-18Chateau Elan Family Portrait Photographer-18

Riverwood High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Atlanta Senior Portraits

November 20, 2021  •  1 Comment

The thought of driving a few hours for Nicole's senior portraits was daunting at first until we got on that boat on Lake Lanier and rode around to get some epic waterskiing photos of her! She loves the water and I told them we HAD to include her favorite pass-time for her senior pictures!  It was such a pleasant evening on the water and after the gorgeous sunset as we rode back to the dock I just sat back with the wind in my hair and reminded myself that a long day at the office isn't so bad when it's on a boat, on a lake, with amazing people like Nicole's family!!! 

Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-55Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-38Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-31Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-22Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-22 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-34Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-54Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-54 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-17Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-40Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-43Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-35Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-20Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-28Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-32Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-46Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-57Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-56Riverwood High School Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-56

Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer | North Cobb Christian School Senior Pictures | Basketball

November 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Jacob's senior portrait session was at his neighborhood park nearly across the street from his home.  He loves this park and hangs out with his friends there often.  Sometimes finding the perfect location for a senior portrait session is more than just getting an epic view or unique spot.  Sometimes it's simply finding a place that's meaningful to you! Lucky for us, this park had it all!  Bridges, a lake, lots of great landscaping and a basketball court!  His photos turned out awesome and hopefully he will remember his old stomping grounds in the decades to come!

Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-47Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-38Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-13Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-16Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-16 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-11Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-21Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-37Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-40Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-42Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-50Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-50 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-34Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-29Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-17Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-57Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-45Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-53Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-53

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Georgia weddings | Engagement Session

November 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Brandee and Austin were the sweetest couple ever and their engagement session was so much fun!! We hiked a little and got some amazing photos!!  It was a little bit sketchy hiking back in the dark, but so much fun and totally worth it!

Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-47Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-47 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-19Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-19 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-39Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-39 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-13Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-13 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-21Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-21 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-18Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-18 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-7Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-7 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-15Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-15 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-11Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-11 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-9Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-9 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-45Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-45 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-38Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-38 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-41Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-41 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-33Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-33 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-44Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-44 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-29Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-29 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-36Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-36 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-23Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-23 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-26Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-26 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-6Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-6 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-1Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-1 Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-49Atlanta Georgia Wedding Photographer-49

Landmark Christian School | Fairburn Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer

November 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Sara Beth got me when I asked her to walk through the tall grass and she said, "Okay, like, Gladiator style?"  I was like, OMG! YES!!!!! I was instantly impressed! I'm a huge movie buff and didn't expect a 2022 senior to even know the likes of young Russel Crowe!  Sara Beth's session was a bit cursed with terrible weather and getting her braces off just for a couple of weeks while we had to reschedule three times! But she was a super trooper getting up at 5 in the morning for hair and makeup and shooting at dawn on the cold rocky mountains!! But it was totally worth it when she saw her images, mom cried and she said she didn't see a single one that she didn't like!!!  My....job..... is.....complete!! 

Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-3Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-31Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-8Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-9Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-20Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-15Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-21Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-1Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-24Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-24 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-11Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-38Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-18Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-5Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-27Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-33Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-29Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer-29

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