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Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Cator Woolford Gardens

November 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

Mandy has been coming to me for her family portrait sessions for a few years now and I'm so excited to get to work with her and her family again!!!  We took their family pictures at Cator Woolford Gardens in Atlanta.  It was a quick one hour shoot and we got some great shots of them!  I'm super excited because her son will be a senior next year and will be joining Team 23!!! 

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Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portraits | Swimming

November 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I literally just posted the other day about Hair and Makeup, but it happened again so I wanted to share!! Kyler doesn't like to wear makeup and was sooo worried about it.  She even told her mom that she was worried about coming to see her senior portraits because she thought she was wearing too much makeup!   After she saw her photos she was so relieved at how natural it looked on camera!  I always try to reassure my seniors not to be afraid of makeup! If it's done well, then it will look great and will highlight your best features!!  Kyler's Hair and Makeup was done by Lexi Lewis and Lexi always does a wonderful job! :D    Trust her, trust me and know you are going to look amazing!!!

Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-23Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-39Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-27Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-1Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-19Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17Kennessaw Mountain High School Senior Portrait Photographer-17

Mt. Paran Christian School Senior Portrait Photographer | Atlanta Photographer

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There are so many things that I loved about Mary's senior portrait session.  Her amazing personality, of course.  The gorgeous location!  The amazing weather!  Her stunning outfit choices!!!  Most of all I loved her hair and makeup! Mary said she doesn't wear a lot of makeup so she was worried how professional HMU would look, but I told her Glamour Affair would take great care of her and they did! Mary had just the perfect amount of makeup  that she looked natural but her eyes and lips popped! It was perfection!  Professional hair is so important to give you  that full look without being fluffy! Mary's hair was gorgeous!  I'm so happy to get  to work with amazing artists like them!!!  I'm so excited to share Mary's beautiful senior pictures! :D

Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-17Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-1Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-20Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-21Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-42Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-25Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-41Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-37Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-33Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-28Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-48Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-48 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-9Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-12Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-12 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-13Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-52Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-52 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-5Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-50Mt Paran High Senior Portrait Photographer-50

Rockmart High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Cheer Pictures | Yellow Jackets

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I feel silly going on and on about it, but I had so much fun at Tinley's senior portrait session!! We were dodging traffic, climbing through bushes and walking mysterious alleys!  By the end of the session we were all giggles and I couldn't wait to work on her images!!  Tinley is stunning, sweet and so adorable! I'm so excited to show her amazing senior portraits to the world!!!

Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-35Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-23Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-14Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-4Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-4 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-32Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-46Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-47Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-51Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-51 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-56Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-56 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-3Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-64Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-64 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-62Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-62 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-52Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-52 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-50Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-50 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-42Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-40Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-27Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-26Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-26 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-17Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-11Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-18Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-24Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-24 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-38Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-61Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-61 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-65Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-65 Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait  Photographer-1Rockmart Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-1

Halloween Class of 2022 | Cosplay | Photoshoot

October 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Offering fun, free photoshoots for my high school seniors in Team 22 makes me happy! :D  Not only do I have a ton of fun with the kids, but I also get awesome photos from it!! :D  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween 21-57Halloween 21-57 Halloween 21-53Halloween 21-53 Halloween 21-58Halloween 21-58 Halloween 21-55Halloween 21-55 Halloween 21-49Halloween 21-49 Halloween 21-48Halloween 21-48 Halloween 21-45Halloween 21-45 Halloween 21-41Halloween 21-41 Halloween 21-40Halloween 21-40 Halloween 21-2Halloween 21-2 Halloween 21-4Halloween 21-4 Halloween 21-6Halloween 21-6 Halloween 21-9Halloween 21-9 Halloween 21-12Halloween 21-12 Halloween 21-14Halloween 21-14 Halloween 21-17Halloween 21-17 Halloween 21-19Halloween 21-19 Halloween 21-24Halloween 21-24 Halloween 21-27Halloween 21-27 Halloween 21-29Halloween 21-29 Halloween 21-33Halloween 21-33 Halloween 21-35Halloween 21-35