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North Carolina Senior Portrait Photographer | Senior Pictures | Rubber Duck Collection

May 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've shot all of the girls in Emma's family and they are all so different. They have amazing talents and hobbies. Emma's hobby is ceramics and her rubber duck collection, so we made sure to include all of her amazing duckies in some photos!!!!  This is what I love about senior portraits.  Every senior has their own personalities and things that make them special! I love to highlight each senior to really showcase who they are at this time in their life!!  And sometimes I just get super lucky with someone like Emma with awesome specialties!!!!

Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-43Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-45Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-42Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-52Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-52 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-55Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-47Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-40Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-41Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-38Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-38 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-39Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-1Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-1 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-5Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-3Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-11Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-15Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-17Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-21Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-24Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-24 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-36Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-36 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-34Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-27Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-32Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Rome Georgia  Senior Portrait Photographer-31Rome Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-31

Cap and Gown | Graduation | Photography

May 13, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

This time of year is always bitter sweet! I love working with my seniors all year long and seeing them in their cap and gown makes me a little bit sad because that means our time together is almost over!  Congratulations Team 22! We're going to miss you!

Cap and Gown-30Cap and Gown-30 Cap and Gown-31Cap and Gown-31 Cap and Gown-38Cap and Gown-38 Cap and Gown-36Cap and Gown-36 Cap and Gown-41Cap and Gown-41 Cap and Gown-43Cap and Gown-43 Cap and Gown-39Cap and Gown-39 Cap and Gown-10Cap and Gown-10 Cap and Gown-3Cap and Gown-3 Cap and Gown-6Cap and Gown-6 Cap and Gown-5Cap and Gown-5 Cap and Gown-8Cap and Gown-8 Cap and Gown-14Cap and Gown-14 Cap and Gown-15Cap and Gown-15 Cap and Gown-22Cap and Gown-22 Cap and Gown-18Cap and Gown-18

Paulding County Georgia Family Portrait Phographer | Dallas

May 12, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I've only known Shanny for about 20 years!!  I started out as one of her youth leaders and as the years have gone on we've grown to be friends.   I took photos at her wedding reception, and family photos from time to time.  It's been so many years and I love seeing how her family has grown!

Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-40Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-40 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-17 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-19Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-19 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-11Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-11 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-13Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-13 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-10Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-10 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-16Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-16 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-27Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-27 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-34Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-34 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-38Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-38 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-1Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-1 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-3Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-3 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-5Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-5 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-21 Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-25Paulding County Family Portrait Photographer-25

Destination Wedding Photographer | Austin, Texas Wedding | Travel Photography

May 11, 2022  •  1 Comment

Mary Ann and I go way back and I was sad when she moved to Texas.  But when she met the man of her dreams and told me she was getting married I was ready to pack my bags and fly to Austin for their wedding!!  Their wedding was about as Texas as they get.  Longhorn steer, cowboy hats, brisket and moonshine!  It was such a wonderful day and I'm so glad I got to spend it with their family!!!

To see more of Mary Ann and Chase's wedding please CLICK HERE!!!


Texas Destination Wedding-4Texas Destination Wedding-4 Texas Destination Wedding-2Texas Destination Wedding-2 Texas Destination Wedding-8Texas Destination Wedding-8 Texas Destination Wedding-11Texas Destination Wedding-11 Texas Destination Wedding-12Texas Destination Wedding-12 Texas Destination Wedding-14Texas Destination Wedding-14 Texas Destination Wedding-13Texas Destination Wedding-13 Texas Destination Wedding-20Texas Destination Wedding-20 Texas Destination Wedding-26Texas Destination Wedding-26 Texas Destination Wedding-32Texas Destination Wedding-32 Texas Destination Wedding-37Texas Destination Wedding-37 Texas Destination Wedding-39Texas Destination Wedding-39 Texas Destination Wedding-56Texas Destination Wedding-56 Texas Destination Wedding-73Texas Destination Wedding-73 Texas Destination Wedding-74Texas Destination Wedding-74 Texas Destination Wedding-62Texas Destination Wedding-62 Texas Destination Wedding-64Texas Destination Wedding-64 Texas Destination Wedding-63Texas Destination Wedding-63 Texas Destination Wedding-68Texas Destination Wedding-68 Texas Destination Wedding-76Texas Destination Wedding-76

Black and White | Shadow photography

May 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Another thing I don't like to do is shoot in full sun.  I took a class with Roberto Valenzuela, one of the best photographers ever, and he pushed us to shoot in situations we're not used to shooting in. I was at a loss and really had to push myself.  I really struggled to shoot differently than I'm used to.  He suggested using this palm leave as a shadow, so I jumped on it and love the result!

Model: Railan Clark


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