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Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer | Bremen High School | Fire | Baton Majorette

June 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Madeline knew exactly what she wanted for her senior portraits!  She is a skilled baton majorette and I was so excited... then she told me she did it with FIRE!!! OMG! I was thrilled to get to shoot some cool flame throwing!  It took a lot of logistics to make sure the lighting was right, enough fire and shooting at the right speed.  But the stars aligned and her photos turned out so amazing!!!!

Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-63Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-63 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-55Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-61Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-61 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-54Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-54 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-57Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-39Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-64Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-64 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-34Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-17Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-17 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-13Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-13 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-12Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-12 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-43Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-27Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-23Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-47Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-67Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-67 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-4Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-4 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-71Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-71

Muse Farm Wedding | Bremen Georgia Wedding Photographer

May 30, 2022  •  1 Comment

Madison and Josh's wedding at Muse Farm in Bremen was so elegant and relaxed.  If only every wedding day could go as smoothly and seemlessly!  The weather was gorgeous and everyone was so kind and happy!  One of the things I love most about being a photographer is getting to take part in important milestones in people's lives that are happy memories!  I'm so proud to get to capture those moments so they'll remember them for years to come!!  Madison and Josh's wedding was perfect!!


To see more images of Madison and Josh's Wedding PLEASE CLICK HERE!!

Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-3Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-3 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-16Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-16 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-22Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-22 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-24Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-24 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-28Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-28 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-34Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-34 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-38Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-38 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-35Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-35 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-46Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-46 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-50Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-50 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-53Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-53 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-54Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-54 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-57Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-57 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-60Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-60 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-64Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-64 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-73Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-73 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-82Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-82 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-84Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-84 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-91Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-91 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-94Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-94 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-97Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-97 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-103Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-103 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-108Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-108 Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-116Muse Farm Bremen Wedding Photographer-116

Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer | Bremen Senior Portraits

May 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Every senior has their own personality.  Kaylyn is a sweet, quiet, softspoken young lady and working with her and her family was so pleasant!  Her sister did her hair and makeup and really did an amazing job. She looked great and her photos turned out amazing!!! I love working with sweet people like Kaylyn and her family!

Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-25Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-29Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-10Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-10 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-33Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-33 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-19Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-12Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-12 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-27Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-32Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-37Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-3Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-3 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-21Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-18Haralson County Senior Portrait Photographer-18

Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer | Atlanta Family Portraits

May 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

We had Autumn's family portraits scheduled over a year ago when covid hit their family and we had to postpone their session.  After lots of prayers and a long recovery, we were finally able to shoot their family portraits on their farm with their cows in all their glory!! It was a beautiful afternoon with a sweet, loving family! I'm so glad to know them and get to work with them again!! :D

Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-25Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-25 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-7Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-7 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-10Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-10 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-13Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-13 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-3Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-3 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-40Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-40 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-6Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-6 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-11Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-11 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-24Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-24 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-37Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-37 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-29Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-29 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-21Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-21 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-15Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-15 Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-27Cedartown Family Portrait Photographer-27

Haralson County Family Portrait Photographer

May 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I'm so glad I got to take Emma's family portraits before she graduates tonight!  It means so much to me to capture these memories before high school seniors go off to college and change their lives forever!  Family pictures are so important to me!  The these ladies are STUNNING!!!!

Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-5Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-5 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-23Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-23 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-36Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-36 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-17Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-17 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-15Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-15 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-33Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-33 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-27Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-27 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-43Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-43 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-41Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-41 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-48Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-48 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-3Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-3 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-20Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-20 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-45Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-45 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-8Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-8 Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-21Carrollton Family Portrait Photographer-21

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