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South Paulding High School Baseball Senior Portraits

February 09, 2024  •  2 Comments

Having clients come back to me year after year makes my heart so happy!!! They love me! They really love me!!

South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-35South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-35 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-43South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-43 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-39South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-39 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-37South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-37 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-33South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-33 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-31South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-31 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-29South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-29 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-23South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-23 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-25South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-25 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-14South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-14 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-17South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-17 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-10South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-10 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-21South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-21 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-15South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-15 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-11South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-11 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-1South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-1 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-3South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-3 South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-8South Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer-8

Model | High School Senior Model | Photography Workshop Model

February 08, 2024  •  2 Comments

Allyn is one of my Team 24 seniors and I knew she would be perfect to model for my photography workshop!!  There were about 15 photographers taking her photos and giving her directions like paparazzi and she handled it like a pro!!!  Her photos turned out gorgeous, of course!!!

PMP workshop-24PMP workshop-24

PMP workshop model-25PMP workshop model-25 PMP workshop model-10PMP workshop model-10 PMP workshop model-2PMP workshop model-2 PMP workshop model-5PMP workshop model-5 PMP workshop model-4PMP workshop model-4 PMP workshop model-12PMP workshop model-12 PMP workshop model-6PMP workshop model-6 PMP workshop model-3PMP workshop model-3 PMP workshop model-14PMP workshop model-14 PMP workshop model-23PMP workshop model-23 PMP workshop model-15PMP workshop model-15 PMP workshop model-21PMP workshop model-21 PMP workshop model-27PMP workshop model-27

Photography Workshop | Atlanta Photography Class

February 07, 2024  •  2 Comments

We have so much fun at the amateur photography workshop! My favorite part of teaching the class is when people have those "ah-hah" moments and I can hear them get excited about what I'm teaching them!! :D  I really love teaching and I hope I  get to do more workshops in the future!!!  This amateur photography workshop is at my studio every winter, usually in February.  If you are interested in taking the class next year, please contact me by e-mail and I'll put you on the waiting list for next year.   I also offer one-on-one mentoring!!! :D

PMP workshop-11PMP workshop-11 PMP workshop-8PMP workshop-8 PMP workshop-16PMP workshop-16 PMP workshop-3PMP workshop-3 PMP workshop-6PMP workshop-6 PMP workshop-1PMP workshop-1 PMP workshop-12PMP workshop-12 PMP workshop-17PMP workshop-17 PMP workshop-14PMP workshop-14 PMP workshop-20PMP workshop-20 PMP workshop-24PMP workshop-24

Basketball | Cobb County Boys Basketball

February 01, 2024  •  3 Comments

When you have two boys who love basketball, we take them to the court for some amazing sports pics!  These guys were shooting hoops while I was shooting their photos! We had a ton of fun!!! :D

LMbb-72LMbb-72 LMbb-80LMbb-80 LMbb-86LMbb-86 LMbb-28LMbb-28 LMbb-19LMbb-19 LMbb-6LMbb-6 LMbb-23LMbb-23 LMbb-40LMbb-40 LMbb-37LMbb-37 LMbb-10LMbb-10 LMbb-44LMbb-44 LMbb-45LMbb-45 LMbb-49LMbb-49 LMbb-58LMbb-58 LMbb-77LMbb-77 LMbb-82LMbb-82 LMbb-61LMbb-61 LMbb-55LMbb-55 LMbb-56LMbb-56

Team 24 | Smoke Photoshoot

January 31, 2024  •  2 Comments

Each year we come up with fun unique photo shoots for our team shoots.   The smoke shoot was super popular last year, so we brought it back this year! :D  It was cold, but these girls were super troopers!!!!

Team24 smoke-12Team24 smoke-12 Team24 smoke-44Team24 smoke-44 Team24 smoke-43Team24 smoke-43 Team24 smoke-39Team24 smoke-39 Team24 smoke-37Team24 smoke-37 Team24 smoke-34Team24 smoke-34 Team24 smoke-31Team24 smoke-31 Team24 smoke-26Team24 smoke-26 Team24 smoke-23Team24 smoke-23 Team24 smoke-21Team24 smoke-21 Team24 smoke-19Team24 smoke-19 Team24 smoke-15Team24 smoke-15 Team24 smoke-9Team24 smoke-9 Team24 smoke-6Team24 smoke-6

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