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Senior Portraits | South Paulding High School | Destination Photographer | South Beach Miami

July 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Senior portraits are usually taken the summer before your senior year... but since I'm taking everyone else's pictures my own Senior had to wait till the summer after she graduated!!! That's okay though because we got to shoot her photos on South Beach Miami!!!

Miami-54Miami-54 Miami-49Miami-49 Miami-44Miami-44 Miami-41Miami-41 Miami-63Miami-63 Miami-37Miami-37 Miami-60Miami-60 Miami-55Miami-55 Miami-50Miami-50 Miami-57Miami-57 Miami-58Miami-58 Miami-46Miami-46 Miami-40Miami-40 Miami-42Miami-42 Miami-52Miami-52

Team 22 | Atlanta Senior Portrait Photography Teen Program

July 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

Team 22 got started with an awesome kickoff party!!!  I'm SO excited about the class of 2022! 

Team 22-1Team 22-1 Team 22-2Team 22-2 Team 22-3Team 22-3

Junkyard Senior Portrait Session | Rome Georgia Photographer | Senior Pictures |Class of '22

July 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Like a lot of high school seniors,  Bella wanted her photos to look different than all of her friends!  She also wanted something more edgy and rustic, where her mom wanted soft and beautiful!! So we came up with an amazing compromise and shot her session at a cool old car junkyard for the first part, then went over to a museum for a softer look for her mom!  It was the perfect session and Bella was an amazing model!!! I'm so excited to get to share her images!!! :D

Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-28Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-19Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-27 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-18Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-15Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-23 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-9Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-9 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-14Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-35Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-2Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-55Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-55 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-50Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-50 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-53Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-53 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-58Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-58 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-48Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-48 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-52Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-52 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-45Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-47Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-47 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-39Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-43Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-37Cartersville Senior Portrait Photographer-37

A Special Note

July 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I got this note from one of my seniors the day after her session!!!!  Life is complete now!!!!



Change a Tire | Senior Model Program Atlanta | Class of 2022 | Empowering Women

July 01, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Team 22 learned how to change a tire today!!!! Empowering young women is so rewarding! These girls are amazing!!  High School seniors from around the Atlanta metro area have the opportunity to join Team 22 and participate in awesome events, photoshoots and community service!!! 

204986559_10159511826491834_1951534022983465499_n204986559_10159511826491834_1951534022983465499_n 205363208_10159511827696834_8649210945973531301_n205363208_10159511827696834_8649210945973531301_n 205039692_10159511828956834_3254305883710754993_n205039692_10159511828956834_3254305883710754993_n 204995862_10159511827656834_2485634712685887330_n204995862_10159511827656834_2485634712685887330_n 204986549_10159511827596834_5544117544347678094_n204986549_10159511827596834_5544117544347678094_n 204959936_10159511828066834_8592783456237075683_n204959936_10159511828066834_8592783456237075683_n 204900361_10159511828591834_1878185876796358793_n204900361_10159511828591834_1878185876796358793_n 203751713_10159511827931834_8897568286313900330_n203751713_10159511827931834_8897568286313900330_n 203382860_10159511829331834_3883377216247926323_n203382860_10159511829331834_3883377216247926323_n 204877048_10159511828181834_4020370138469499707_n204877048_10159511828181834_4020370138469499707_n