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Powder Paint Photoshoot | Class of 22 Team Session | Color

September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When you book your senior portraits with Paris Mountain Photography you don't just get amazing senior portraits, but you get a whole year senior experience!!!  I absolutely love working with high school seniors because they truly keep me young!  Getting creative and stepping out of the photography box is one of my favorite things to get to do.  We got to shoot this powder paint session outside of the studio and it was SO much fun!   On top of that, one of the coolest things about this powder paint session specifically is two of the girls became fast friends and one of the boys and a girl is actually going to homecoming together after meeting at this session!!!  I'm SO excited!!!! 

Powder Paint Photoshoot-25Powder Paint Photoshoot-25 Powder Paint Photoshoot-16Powder Paint Photoshoot-16 Powder Paint Photoshoot-11Powder Paint Photoshoot-11 Powder Paint Photoshoot-3Powder Paint Photoshoot-3 Powder Paint Photoshoot-1Powder Paint Photoshoot-1 Powder Paint Photoshoot-27Powder Paint Photoshoot-27 Powder Paint Photoshoot-31Powder Paint Photoshoot-31 Powder Paint Photoshoot-38Powder Paint Photoshoot-38 Powder Paint Photoshoot-44Powder Paint Photoshoot-44 Powder Paint Photoshoot-59Powder Paint Photoshoot-59 Powder Paint Photoshoot-56Powder Paint Photoshoot-56 Powder Paint Photoshoot-54Powder Paint Photoshoot-54 Powder Paint Photoshoot-52Powder Paint Photoshoot-52 Powder Paint Photoshoot-49Powder Paint Photoshoot-49 Powder Paint Photoshoot-48Powder Paint Photoshoot-48 Powder Paint Photoshoot-39Powder Paint Photoshoot-39 Powder Paint Photoshoot-33Powder Paint Photoshoot-33 Powder Paint Photoshoot-23Powder Paint Photoshoot-23 Powder Paint Photoshoot-21Powder Paint Photoshoot-21 Powder Paint Photoshoot-19Powder Paint Photoshoot-19 Powder Paint Photoshoot-24Powder Paint Photoshoot-24

East Paulding Senior Portrait Photographer | Georgia Photographer | Horse photography

September 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When viewing Lorelai's senior portraits I noticed dad's eyes blinking.  I thought maybe he was getting a bit emotional till I saw him wiping tears from his cheeks.  Then I looked over at mom and her eyes were blazing red.  After the slideshow was over, Lorelai was in tears too!!  Welp, that's all folks!!  My job is done!!!   I just love it when my photos evoke such emotion from people.  Lorelai's family truly understands how important these memories and milestones are for your family history!!!  I can't wait to see them again at their family portrait session in a few months!! 

Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-32Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-32 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-30Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-30 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-28Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-28 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-34Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-34 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-46Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-46 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-5 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-7 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-14Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-14 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-48Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-48 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-39Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-19Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-19 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-36Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-36 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-18Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-18 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-24Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-24 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-8Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-8 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-41Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-41 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-40Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-40 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-35Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-35 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-22Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-22 Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-16Paulding County Senior Portrait Photographer-16

Spring Lake Wedding Photographer | Rockmart Georgia weddings | Photography

September 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I feel like I've known everyone at this wedding for years.  In fact it's been nearly a decade for some of her guests that I've worked with before and shopped at their stores, eaten at their restaurants and more!  Sometimes it's so nice to live in a small town where everyone knows each other.  I'm so lucky to get to see my friends again when I'm at a wedding.  Sometimes work isn't work! 

To see more of Brittany and Alex's wedding please CLICK HERE!!

Rockmart Wedding Photographer-3Rockmart Wedding Photographer-3 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-5Rockmart Wedding Photographer-5 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-17Rockmart Wedding Photographer-17 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-23Rockmart Wedding Photographer-23 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-28Rockmart Wedding Photographer-28 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-27Rockmart Wedding Photographer-27 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-31Rockmart Wedding Photographer-31 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-33Rockmart Wedding Photographer-33 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-8Rockmart Wedding Photographer-8 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-9Rockmart Wedding Photographer-9 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-13Rockmart Wedding Photographer-13 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-14Rockmart Wedding Photographer-14 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-45Rockmart Wedding Photographer-45 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-49Rockmart Wedding Photographer-49 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-55Rockmart Wedding Photographer-55 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-61Rockmart Wedding Photographer-61 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-70Rockmart Wedding Photographer-70 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-71Rockmart Wedding Photographer-71 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-76Rockmart Wedding Photographer-76 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-79Rockmart Wedding Photographer-79 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-78Rockmart Wedding Photographer-78 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-88Rockmart Wedding Photographer-88 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-91Rockmart Wedding Photographer-91 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-98Rockmart Wedding Photographer-98 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-117Rockmart Wedding Photographer-117 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-115Rockmart Wedding Photographer-115 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-122Rockmart Wedding Photographer-122 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-123Rockmart Wedding Photographer-123 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-128Rockmart Wedding Photographer-128 Rockmart Wedding Photographer-131Rockmart Wedding Photographer-131

Braselton Senior Portrait Photographer | Skate Board | Mountain Biking | Graffitti

September 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Will wanted to include some pretty cool locations for his senior portrait session.  He didn't want the same old grassy fields with hay bales. It just isn't him! So he made some suggestions that I absolutely loved!  We have so much fun at his session even though it rained a little bit and we had to break in to some places!  It made for awesome photos! 

Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-68Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-68 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-53Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-53 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-73Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-73 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-63Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-63 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-51Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-51 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-2Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-2 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-78Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-78 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-15Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-15 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-25Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-25 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-36Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-36 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-21Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-21 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-43Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-43 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-48Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-48 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-39Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-39 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-31Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-31 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-37Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-37 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-20Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-20 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-12Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-12 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-76Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-76 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-16Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-16 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-11Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-11 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-6Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-6 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-57Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-57 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-45Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-45 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-42Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-42 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-29Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-29 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-71Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-71 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-60Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-60 Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-8Atlanta Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer-8

Rockmart High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Polk County Photography

September 14, 2021  •  1 Comment

I got to shoot Harley a few years ago and she's blossomed!  She is such a sweet girl and I loved her session so much.  Aside from the amazing location, she and her mom did an amazing job picking out the perfect outifts and accessories! She looked amazing!!! 

Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-19Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-19 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-24Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-24 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-31Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-31 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-8Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-8 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-5Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-5 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-14Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-14 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-12Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-12 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-37Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-37 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-34Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-34 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-40Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-40 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-23Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-23 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-17Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-17 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-1Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-1 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-9Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-9 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-41Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-41 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-33Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-33 Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-21Paulding County Georgia Senior Portraits-21