Rome Georgia Wedding Photographer | Berry College Engagement Session

January 04, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Shooting at the right time of day and the right time of year is important for great photos.  But sometimes if you shoot it just right it doesn't matter.  These engagement photos were taken on a cold mid December day, but you'd never know it!

Rome Georgia Photographer-3Rome Georgia Photographer-3 Rome Georgia Photographer-17Rome Georgia Photographer-17 Rome Georgia Photographer-9Rome Georgia Photographer-9 Rome Georgia Photographer-26Rome Georgia Photographer-26 Rome Georgia Photographer-8Rome Georgia Photographer-8 Rome Georgia Photographer-19Rome Georgia Photographer-19 Rome Georgia Photographer-13Rome Georgia Photographer-13 Rome Georgia Photographer-2Rome Georgia Photographer-2 Rome Georgia Photographer-5Rome Georgia Photographer-5 Rome Georgia Photographer-22Rome Georgia Photographer-22 Rome Georgia Photographer-16Rome Georgia Photographer-16 Rome Georgia Photographer-24Rome Georgia Photographer-24 Rome Georgia Photographer-7Rome Georgia Photographer-7 Rome Georgia Photographer-20Rome Georgia Photographer-20 Rome Georgia Photographer-12Rome Georgia Photographer-12 Rome Georgia Photographer-23Rome Georgia Photographer-23



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